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I love spoon dishes!At this point, many already knowis 😉.Malaga casseroleto noodles is alsoIt's one of those dishes that reactivates your best memories, because you've eaten them at home forever.Today my children tooI do it to them and I take the opportunity to tell them that when I was littleme tooI didn't eat ita, and the grandmother, and the motherof the grandmother…The same happens with other traditional dishes that I couldis found on the blog, like the gazpachuelo malagueñor (you can see the recipe here).

The ingredients cannot be mores simple: prawns, clams and dogfish, although I alsoIt can be done with any fish you have, sardines, anchovies, hake, Malaga is very easyeasy to find catshark, in fact in this blog I couldis to find the recipe for youcaldillo pic of catshark malagueñor (you can see the recipe here).


To make a good Malaga noodle casseroleyou will needs:

125 gr of prawns.

200 gr of clams.

300 gr of dogfish (or any other fish you have).

One medium onion.

A medium red tomato.

A green bell pepper (II like Italians).

Two medium potatoes or one large one.

150 gr of medium noodles.

Extra virgin olive oil (about 20 gr).

A bay leaf.

A pinch of paprikan sweet

A pinch of ground black pepper or two black peppercorns.

100 gr of white wine or 1/2 glass.

Two cloves of garlic.

SaffronNo food coloring.

A sprig of mint.

In a bowl, place the clams in cold water.with salt to loosen the sand.Meanwhile, make a sauce in the extra virgin olive oil with the onion, the pepper, the garlic, the tomato.Everything is well cleaned and chopped (the tomato is added).shredded cheese).While the sauce is cooking, peel the potatoes and rollmpelas in medium pieces (sizeor snack).Booking.Clean the prawns and in a pot make a broth with their heads and skins, with the bay leaf and with 1.5 liters of water.Let it boil about 15 minutes, heresuch impurities, strain and reserve. radios en vivo y radios live en español

When you arethe soft vegetable, yearadd a little paprikan sweet and stir for a few seconds being careful not to burn so that it does not turn bitter.yearade then continuedAdd the white wine and let it evaporate.Crush everything with the blender.yearadd the broth and potatoes, along with the saffronAdd the food coloring to the sauce and let everything simmer over medium heat until the potatoes arenot cooked

YearAdd at that moment the dogfish cut into pieces (or the fish you have, well cleaned of guts and heads) along with the noodles and let it boil until the noodles areNo facts.Check the time that the noodle package recommends and when there is one minute to go, add it.Add the peeled prawns and the well-washed clams, together with the sprig of mint.Cover the pot and let rest for two minutes before serving.

This casserole can be made perfectly in your favorite food processor.You only have to follow the following steps if you want to do it in Thermomix or in Monsieur Cousine Plus:

1º.Put all the vegetables cleaned and cut into medium pieces in the robot.Blend 5 seconds/speed 4.Open the glass and lower the remains towards the spatulas.tulas.

2nd.yearadd 20 gr of oil, close the glass and program 9 minutes/100º/speed 2.yearadd 100 g of white wine and blend for 1 minute/speed 7.continuedn program 2 minutes/100º/speed 1.yearadd salt and saffron threadsNo food coloring, along with a little paprikan sweet and ground black pepper.

3rd.Put the basket and addadd the potato smashed into bite sized pieces.Cover with 1.200 gr of water the potatoes and program 15 minutes/Varoma (120º)/speed 2.continuedn, check that the potatoes aren very softIf that is not the case, program 3 more minutess, at the same temperature and speed.Snapn soft, reserve in a casserole.

4th.In the basket, now put the pieces of fish and 150 gr of medium noodles.Program 4 minutes/100º/speed 2.When the time is up,add the clams, the peeled prawns and the sprig of mint and program again for 1 minute/100º/speed 2.Check the cookingn the noodles, rectify the salt, check that the clams aren open and pour everything into the casserole where you put the potatoes.

Malaga noodle casserole

Malaga noodle casserole

I love spoon dishes!At this point, many already knowis 😉.Malaga casseroleto noodles is alsoIt's one of those dishes that reactivates your best memories, bec





Malaga noodle casserole
Malaga noodle casserole

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