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The mango is one of the most popular fruits around the world thanks to its delicious sweet flavor, as well as it is known that it is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which is why in this article we will delve into the Mango properties and its benefits.


This fruit comes from the tree called Mangifera indica, which belongs to the same family as the pistachio and cashew, being originally from a region that is located northwest of India, at the foot of the Himalayas. Since ancient times its cultivation spread to all Southeast Asia and then to all the warm regions of the world.

This Indian fruit that has a great popularity around the world is known for its delicious flavor, but if you were looking for a healthier reason to consume it, you have to know that the mango properties will surprise you by knowing all the benefits I could represent for your organism.

Mango properties and benefits 1

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Vitamin E

La Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant and very good heart protector, which is usually found in fatty foods. However, the handle contains an excellent amount of this vitamin, as a handle can provide up to 24% of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin.

Vitamin A and C

Other vitamins in which mango is very rich is in vitamin A and C. For example, only 200 grams of mango provide 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C and a notable 60% vitamin A. So mango is one of the best ways to consume these vitamins.

Depurative acids

The properties of the mango stand out because besides being very rich in vitamins and nutrients, it also has other substances with beneficial effects in our organism, as is the case of the málic and tartatric acid. These help to remove the metabolic waste from our organism.

Magnesium and potassium

Regarding the contribution of minerals, the mango stands out for its portions of potassium and magnesium, providing up to 10% of the recommended daily amount.


propiedades del mango Todos sobre el antiguo egipto

Benefits of eating mango

By knowing the properties of the mango it is clear that it has different benefits for our body, among which we can highlight the prevention of degenerative diseases, especially cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

Strengthens the defenses of the agency

Thanks to its vitamins and minerals, in addition to its phenolic compounds, mango helps improve the health of the immune system. Contains isoquercetin, fisetin, quercetin, axifo metilgalato and gálico which are antioxidants.

Improves nutrient assimilation

It has enzymes that improve the assimilation of macronutrients and that make the mango a very easy fruit to digest. They are very similar properties to that of papaya, so it is a recommended fruit for people suffering from digestive problems.

Helps strengthen bones and muscles

Potassium and mango magnesium help strengthen the muscle-skeletal system, which means it is very good to prevent osteoporosis.

Another positive effect of these minerals is that they also help maintain good functioning in the kidneys and maintain good control and blood pressure.

Good amount of fiber

It is one of the fruits that provides a good amount of fiber, helping prevent digestive problems as constipation while preventing different types of cancer and heart problems.

How to choose good handles

It is normal for many people to have problems when choosing the fruits they will consume throughout the week, as it is not the same thing to grab a fruit to eat as soon as we get home to grab fruits that we will eat throughout the week.

We already met the mango properties and some of their main benefits, including the different types that exist, but now we want to give you some advice so you can choose good mango when you do the shopping.

It's important to keep in mind the mangos are harvested green so that these do not mature and rot before they reach their point of sale, which can be hundreds or thousands of miles from where they were harvested.

If the mangos you bought follow green, then these can mature in the refrigerator at a temperature of 12 degrees waiting for 1 or 2 weeks, but it is normal to leave it at room temperature to mature in a few days. In case you want to accelerate your maturation to consume them as soon as possible, you can put them in a paper bag and wait less time.

How to recognize a mature mango?

It is not good to buy pure mature mangos if you do not plan to consume them within a short time. The mature mangoes are easily recognized by their strong aroma very pleasant and do not feel very firm or soft when they press a bit. Another simple trick you can use is to put them in a bowl with water, if the handle sinks means it is mature and if it floats it means that it still lacks time to mature.

Mango properties and benefits

Vitamin EVitamin A and CDepurative acidsMagnesium and potassiumStrengthens the defenses of the agencyImproves nutrient assimilationHelps strengthen bones and m





Mango properties and benefits 1
Mango properties and benefits 1
Mango properties and benefits 1
Mango properties and benefits 1

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