Myths to lose weight according to Onet-Psicofertility





A good time comes and therefore miraculous diets with myths that may be at risk for health

Given the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic and the time of year, the wave of bikini operation will soon begin and now also post-confinement. Social networks and the internet in general will be filled with news about miracle diets and foods that help to lose weight. Experts ônet-psicofertility NaturalThey explain.


When a person decides to change his eating habits, he finds himself in a field where he does not know that news of all those he has read about the subject is true, in the case of diets to lose weight, the information comes from under the stones and it is easy to find thousands of false news and myths about feeding.

The first thing that should be taken into account is that the motivation of changing habits should be based on a desire to change food for health, and this is not the same for all people, as it depends on the habits of feeding, physiology and specific circumstances of each person. This is why food myths are so harmful.

Myths given and very common:

Eat little thin
A very deep myth in the mind, is eating little thinness. “It’s reality, if you don’t eat you lose weight, of course you lose weight, it’s obvious, if you’re not eating food, how can you not lose weight, but what am I doing to my body? Without realizing and blinded by wanting to lower a few quick sizes and not by the mentality of losing weight for health, we are putting our muscles in check, essential fat reserves, mineral loss and vitamins and also putting hydration at risk”, explains Antonia González.

It is common to hear that people reduce calories or eat less to lose weight. “The typical phrase of me I give birth to a pot of milk and I go to sleep, it is the most familiar. The reality is that the milk vasito at the end is not only a small pot of milk and will be accompanied by some cookies, integral, of course (the whole thing, in theory). Abstract, you've had little dinner, yes, visually yes, but if you'd had a tortilla and a tomato, you wouldn't have suppered sugar with milk, but of course you didn't want to cook," they say.

There is another model that is based on eating infusions every day, to lose weight. An infusion does not give the necessary requirements for an intake, one day you can, if you are not hungry or if the person is ill, of course yes, but if it is done every day it is not this reason, as it is giving rise to a rapid weight loss in exchange for leaving health aside.

Diet based on light products
In television advertisements and supermarkets it is bombed with light and reduced products in Kcal, the origin of the food or how they have managed to lower the calories seems to be no matter as much or secondary, since the first thing is to lose weight as quickly and easily as possible. Remedios Naturales Caseros Trucos Y Consejos De Salud

According to Aecosan's nutritional declaration regulations, the light product is the one that has a small content of saturated fats, that is 30% less than that of the similar product and the content of trans fats equal to or less than the similar product. And with the reduced amount of sugars, the same should be equal or lower than the similar product. That is, that a light product is not a product without sugar or without trans fats, simply its content has been reduced a bit compared to the original.

Feeding light products, therefore, does not remove from the diet low-quality sugars or fats, but also makes there a false confidence and you think you're eating better, when you haven't really eliminated those dietary items. While it is true that, if a food that was previously harmful to health is achieved, it reduces a little the amount of sugars or fats, better, but they are still foods that should not be consumed on a regular basis, if not of sporadic consumption. Labeling a product as a light does not give way to making these products the basis of a diet.

Eat five times a day slick
For many years this pattern of eating has been followed 5 times a day and has spread to the entire population, although it is true that for many people to take the established shots and distribute the caloric intake in more parts it has benefited, there are other people who feel nothing good to them. It is thought that by making five meals a day they will lose weight if or yes, but if the food that is made in those five meals is not the right one, the opposite effect may occur.

Food must be individualized, and what a person has worked for you does not have to be standardized for the entire population.

In fact, at present there is a tendency that could establish that making less intakes a day is beneficial, as it gives the body more time to use the reserves. What's the right one? It is a subject that has some controversy and many visions, therefore the importance of individualizing and bearing in mind that what has worked for a person does not have to be standard for a whole population, but what both visions contemplate is that, make five meals or three, you have to eat quality food and not abuse very processed, sugary or low-quality fats.

The reflection to which this carries, is that the myths in the food, on many occasions are bulls or lies and other times are based on some reality, but taken with tweezers. Weight loss often motivates us to follow guidelines that are not adequate, as a quick weight loss is sought and that is simple and the simple path always comes from the hand of myths. It's easier to get used to buying all light than learning to eat well, and that's why these myths are so successful. It is important to remember that each requires a different pattern with a gradual weight loss and health and for this it is necessary to follow individually, but the reality is that there is no mold to standardize a diet that serves everyone.

Myths to lose weight according to Onet-Psicofertility

Myths to lose weight according to Onet-Psicofertility

A good time comes and therefore miraculous diets with myths that may be at risk for health /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Myths to lose weight according to Onet-Psicofertility
Myths to lose weight according to Onet-Psicofertility

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