Natural psychofertility explains the 5 main enemies of female hormones





The correct functioning of hormones is vital to have good health and to be able to conceive

Both men and women have hormones, but they are more associated with women because they suffer more imbalances in them. Antonia González, embryologist and CEO of Natural Psychofertility, explains it.

“In the menstrual cycle of women, in only 28 or 30 days, we suffer peaks and valleys on several occasions during the same cycle, hormones such as FSH, LH, Estradiol and progesterone go up and down. But, moreover, in the cycle of our life, they also do. Testosterone lowers with age, DHEA also decreases, estrogens, while FSH is increasing over time.” These rises, he adds, but above all those descents, have an impact on our body, affect us physiologically and emotionally.”


So far everything normal, but it can get complicated. “We may have an excess or a defect of one of them, and that this fact alters all others. And, unfortunately every day more women suffer from these imbalances and much of the responsibility has the modern lifestyle,” he says. “In fact, we can see it in the coming generations: girls have their first period before, they develop much earlier. This is no accident, it has a relationship with food, toxics and hormonal pollution.”

“And, of course, all this goes hand in hand with infertility. Within 20 years, an increase in infertility is expected to scare, because today’s children are exposed to all these toxics and hormonal alterers,” adiverte. “And not only will it affect the fertility of the future, in the present it affects us all, it generates fatigue, more digestive and intestinal problems, greater hair loss, much tiredness, little energy to face the day to day, changes in weight, mood, anxiety, depression, irregular menstrual cycles and even nonexistent, premenstrual syndrome, acne, migraines, greater predisposition to suffer from diabetes.”

One thing has to be clear: having a balanced hormonal system is synonymous with Health.

What can be done to improve hormonal health?

The expert explains:


  • 50% of what you eat in the day should be vegetables and vegetables. They are large allies of the liver, which is responsible for filtering, and the one that should remove the toxics and the hormonal excess of the body.
  • Add 2 or 3 pieces of fruit daily, preferably whole and not in juices.
  • Enough fats are not taken, some decades ago fats were demonized, but you have to learn to distinguish the good and necessary from the bad. Virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, almonds, anacardos, eggs, cocoa, seeds... are foods that should be present in the diet, because hormones need fats to work well.
  • Too many cereals, simple carbohydrates are consumed. The refined flours, white rice, should be replaced by integrals, but with control, should not be the protagonists of the dish.
  • And the evil of this century, eating processed food, containing refined oils, saturated fats, sugar, dyes, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics...

Exercise: Código P0300: Solución y Causas | Actualizado 2023

  • People begin to take seriously about moving, in some cases perhaps in excess, but it comes from very sedentary decades, because more and more jobs are static, and this daily passivity leads to sickness. It is necessary to move every day, at least 30 minutes, making an exercise suitable to each person, and in the case of performing a high intensity exercise not exceeding 60 minutes. Exercise alters the hormone system by default and by excess.


  • Little sleep has been shown to be ill and alter the hormonal system, the immune system and the nervous system. Sleeps between 7 and 8 hours and preferably dark. And it is not worth recovering the lost dream during the weekend, because the dream, does not recover, the damage is done.

It is another of the great enemies of the modern era. Stress is toxic to cells, makes the immune system more fragile and unbalances hormones, becoming the cause of many pathologies. You have to spend a few minutes each day to disconnect, Mindfulness meditation is a great tool. But also, learn to manage daily stress to make it productive and not destructive, and above all, learn to listen to the body itself, not get to the end of the day and only there be aware of how the body is.

“We must avoid what is in our hand, the toxics, as they are hormonal alterers par excellence, and we can find them in all places of our home and our work. In shampooes, gels, cosmetics, clothing, household goods, cleaning products, in food, containers, etc.”, sustains the embryologist.

“Realizing small changes in our lives, gradually we can achieve great advances and above all we will gain in hormonal health, which will lead to better overall health. In my query we design customized programs, just to improve the hormonal system of men and women, because finally this will end up generating a general health problem, such as insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, infertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome... and preventing, is healing,” he concludes.

Natural psychofertility explains the 5 main enemies of female hormones

Natural psychofertility explains the 5 main enemies of female hormones

The correct functioning of hormones is vital to have good health and to be able to conceive /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Natural psychofertility explains the 5 main enemies of female hormones
Natural psychofertility explains the 5 main enemies of female hormones

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