Presentation ‘The Other Christmas 2022’: Eating Sano is not eating Soso, by chef Gonzalo Vargas





H10 Villa de la Reina Boutique hotel, presents Christmas Menu 2022 within the project ‘Healthy Gourmet Seasons’ driven by journalist and writer Pilar Carrizosa to receive the other face of Christmas in its healthiest version

The trend proposed by the Christmas menu is to return to the past from innovation, creativity and color, from the hands of executive chef Gonzalo Vargas, and an author menu designed for a demanding consumer that values those products of high quality respectful with the environment that cater to the motto “healthy eating is not eating without flavor”.


Thus the world of gastronomy is wide in nuances and the aim of this edition is to surprise with a journey of sensations. The ingredients obtained from each land are the secret of its success, which pass from generation to generation making the kitchen an art. The menu for this coloured AOVE variety Pajarera Premium variety Christmas is : Iberian Ham 110 years in pancake and dry tomatoes.- Ensalada tibia de Brecol purple crunchy tofu and grenade bathed in curry sauce, honey and lime.- Teruel black truffle carpaccio with crunchy puerro and cucumber timbal.- Tartar of tuna red Japanese style (red clover, avocado, cilantro, nabo, sesame oil, soy and pipes)- Iberian pavo with aromatic herbs and red fruit sauce.- Vegan cocoa ( gluten-free, lactose-free and probiotic) Infusion Cardamom tea, cinnamon and ginger.

The stage chosen to present this healthy Christmas is one of the emblematic establishments of the hotel panorama of the capital, who has launched the Stay Green Sustainability Plan by obtaining Biosphere Certification with the aim of aligning the activity of the hotel within the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Located in full large track, its design and decoration are inspired by the healthy world according to the well-being Its echo runs through the spaces where the light gives stress-free environments and a gastronomic proposal with gluten-free and dietary ideas to taste in its Lobby Bar “La Villa”, suitable for working meetings and to enjoy moments of tranquility. Inspiring are its 71 rooms for relaxation with special attentions.

1. Andalusia
. Cabra. AOVE Monteoliva Pajarero Premium. La Cooperativa Virgen de la Sierra de Cabra, al sur Córdoba, en pleno Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas. presents this variety and takes its name for the interest of all kinds of wild birds in its fruit in front of any other variety. This is a large olive, sweet and early maturation. Noriz stands out a ripe fruit of medium intensity with aromas of nuts and ripe fruits like the ripe banana. Boca: fluid and very sweet oil, typical of the variety of olives from which it comes. It presents a bitter and spicy low intensity, nothing astringent and with a medium persistence. ( ). In the palate it shows mild green notes to olive leaf that soon disappear leaving memories of nuts and nuts. Although early harvest is very mild and balanced due to the variety of olives used. Recommended for a public looking for fresh oil, but still do not have the palate accustomed to green oils for their peak and bitterness.


2. Extremadura. Fuentes de LeónJamon Ibérico Cárdeno. Since 1910, in the middle of Sierra Morena, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, in the heart of a dehesa of excellence of wooded ecosystemoaks and cork oaksthe Iberian pig is grown with a very rich biodiversity of the south extremeño and north of Huelva in total freedom enjoying a climate and environment suitable for obtaining this 100% Iberian acorn ham. It is a stylized piece, of fine and thin leg, which confirms its origin under a regime of exploitation merelyExtensive being necessary between 1 – 1,5 hectares of land per animal. panel: Sweet and delicate flavor, with characteristic aroma and buqué, fruit of the conjunction between a fair salad and a slow ripening. Fluid and slightly oxidized range of coverage, as a result of an acorn-based diet, without additives, supplemented with herbs and traces. Curation: at least 3 years in centenary wineries from tradition, innovation and sustainability.

3. Teruel. The history of trophy in this province discovers the black truffle of Teruel (tuber melanosporum vitt) listed as the best in the world. 70% of the truffle produced in the world comes out of here and producers and distributors in this province south of Aragon make it the main producer and exporting area worldwide. They are 100% natural, free of any chemical throughout the process. One example of this is Trufas Gorriz, supported by three basic pillars: a suitable soil, a well-mechanized plant and cultural support work. is produced and collected under key characteristics: aroma and flavor of an extreme, dry Mediterranean climate, with fresh winters at altitude, which favors the development of an ideal vegetation of limestone soil which distinguishes it as a delicatesen appreciated by gurus of national and international cuisine, forming part of the so-called “slowfood”. Nutritional value: brings about 73 Kcal./100gr

4. Murcia.REDI. Broccoli purple What is it? A vegetable with unique attributes of purple buds with tender stems finished in a small inflorescence. Cata: intense and soft flavor at the same time. Separateproduces throughout the year in the Iberian Peninsula.Considered supefood food, it isendorsed by the CSICwith a 3-year study led by Dr. Juana Frías, who revolutionizes gastronomy ( Its high levels of glucose produced naturally. Nutritional value: high levels of antioxidants and anthocyanin far superior to green varieties, thus enhancing their functional food power. It is a new concept that is rooted in Europe after winning the Innovation Hub 2020 in its Fresh Product modality, and the result of a development of more than 15 years of research. Reduce food waste? 70% of domestic food waste in Europe is thrown unnecessarily, so it is essential to develop food with a low level of waste, as is the case of REDI, from which 100% of the product is used. Venta de Minerales


5. Murcia. The Ricardo Fuentes Group is a family-run company with more than 50 years of history dedicated to red tuna. His founder, Ricardo Fuentes, was able to see the potential of this product, relying on it before anyone and being a pioneer in Europe in the breeding and marketing of red tuna, always from tradition with a past and a present that evolves at the forefront in sustainable fishing techniques following the norms of respect for the environment. Currently, Fuentes is a world leader in the production of red tuna and exports about 85% of its production to countries on the 5 They employ different fishing arts and have various facilities in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Malta, Italy and Tunisia. Commitment throughout the year and in perfect conditions, keeping intact its organoleptic properties, with the infiltration of suitable fat and with all the sanitary guarantees and respect for the species and its habitat guaranteeing the supply throughout the year. Both the noble cuts of the Red Tuna and others such as the marrow, eye or heart are inspiring pieces of the most renowned chefs.

6. You smell. The Iberian race turkeys grow in a handmade way, surrounded by oaks, calves and Iberian pigs (animal good). During the day, they travel through the dehesa guarded by a pastor and at night they gather them in the pavera at the silbido blow, guarded by predators: eagles, foxes and claduñ The turkeys fly up to the oaks to eat acorns directly from the tree. Thus, Iberian turkeys and pigs share available space and food, as they chop the acorn pieces that pigs leave on the ground. This breed in semi-freedom, outdoors and under the sun, allows you to move freely and exercise. Like the pig during the mountain range, turkeys complement their feeding on the dehesa with acorns,with aromatic herbs, natural pastures, wild fruits, crickets and grasshoppers, and organoleptically repercussions on the flavor with the fair amount of infiltrated fat to bring juicy. In the highest quality nutritional is healthier, since acorns are rich in oleic acid, monounsaturated fat of the Omega 3 series.Only small lots of about 300 animals/year are raised in this way. It's an exclusive product.

7. Alicante. Cacaosoluble with Azaconsa probiotics . Since 1870, this family saga in its sixth generation has presented this novelty in response to the demand for food that proactively improves It is indicated for all ages, it is a product free of hydrogenated, gluten free and lactose fats. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa 20%, corn starch, inulin, bacilus coagulans GBI-30 6086, cinnamon, vanilla aroma and salt. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine and improve the overall health of the body, bringing benefits such as facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients, and strengthening the immune system. Benefits: Increase nutrient absorption, such as vitamin B, calcium and iron. Strengthen the immune system, which helps combat and prevent intestinal diseases.

8. India. Classic, is the infusion with which Yogi Tea® history began and is an exotic experience with 100% organic ingredients. This mixture is 100% bio, without additives or aromas and free of transgenic. . In addition, you can enjoy milk or any vegetable alternative. Ingredients: Cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger*, clove*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*. *biological farming. Highlights the nuance of cardamom, which has millennia being one of the most popular spices for its mild aroma. The Cinnamon, another of the most precious spices in the world, used since 3,000 years BC in China that provides that characteristic sweet-aromatic flavor. Along with the ginger, which has been cultivated for thousands of years under the tropical heat of East Asia and, which gives its spicy, aromatic and tasty flavor to complete this journey of sensations. They also collaborate with several international projects, helping the most needy children and the insertion of persons with disabilities. Sustainable (social commitment to reforestation and carbon footprint).

Presentation ‘The Other Christmas 2022’: Eating Sano is not eating Soso, by chef Gonzalo Vargas

Presentation ‘The Other Christmas 2022’: Eating Sano is not eating Soso, by chef Gonzalo Vargas

H10 Villa de la Reina Boutique hotel, presents Christmas Menu 2022 within the project ‘Healthy Gourmet Seasons’ driven by journalist and writer Pilar Carri





Presentation ‘The Other Christmas 2022’: Eating Sano is not eating Soso, by chef Gonzalo Vargas
Presentation ‘The Other Christmas 2022’: Eating Sano is not eating Soso, by chef Gonzalo Vargas

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