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    How to use Fenugreek for breast care:

    Dandelion Root

    How to use dandelion root for breast care:

    Fennel Seeds

    How to use fennel seeds for breast care:

    Red Raspberry Tea

    How to use red raspberry tea for breast care:

    Pueraria Mirifica

    How to use Pueraria Mirifica for breast care:

    Blessed Thistle

    How to use blessed thistle for breast care:

    Green Tea

    How to use green tea for breast care:


    Other Home Remedies for breast care:

    Compress your breasts using marshmallow root extracts to improve the health and size of your breasts. You can also take the extracts internally for a few months to keep your breasts healthy and good looking.

    Massage your breasts with natural oils whenever you can manage to keep them healthy and improve on their appearance giving you all the confidence you may need to face another day.

    Lemon and rum juice is a perfect remedy for breast care. You can apply the mixture and let it stay overnight on the breasts and then wash it off in the morning using cold water. This treatment will leave your breast feeling and looking very beautiful apart from getting the nutrients they deserve.

    Beat the white part of an egg into a cream and apply this on the bottom side of your breasts. This is a great way of keeping your breasts firm. You can leave the cream on for half an hour and then wash it off using onion water.

    To take care of your breasts while pregnant, take a cotton ball and apply whole milk onto the breasts from the very first month of pregnancy. This simple home remedy will keep your breasts free from stretch marks.

    Take up simple breast exercises concentrating on your pectoral muscles to keep them firm thereby improving their appearance. The exercises are also very good in enhancing blood circulation which is essential for the health of the breasts.

    Use sage wine every single day to fight flabbiness. You can also use alum powder together with chamomile powder to keep your breasts firm and healthy at all times keeping disease and illness away.

    Mashed bananas work wonders in keeping your breasts in good form as they contain very good nutrients. Place the bananas inside a bra and then wear it for the longest period you can manage.

    Watercress leaves contain Vitamin E which is essential in keeping the breasts healthy as well as increasing the size.

    Citrus fruits contain monoterpenes which inhibit cancerous cells and flush carcinogens out of your system. Eat lots of citrus fruits which include tangerines, oranges and grapefruits.

    To take care of sensitive nipples, use cod-liver oil mixed with garlic, white oak tree bark powder and vitamin E. Spread the mixture thoroughly onto the nipples to reduce inflammation.

    Use cabbage leaves to binge your bra whenever you feel that your breasts are achy or sore. This is an effective remedy to keep such simple but irritating issues at bay. Todos sobre el antiguo egipto


    You can also use Dong Quai root extracts to regulate your estrogen level as well as enlarge your breasts to a preferable size if need be.

    Another very effective herb is the saw palmetto which regulates your hormones and at the same time increases breast size. The herb is also famed for its ability to stimulate sexual desire, weight regulation and treating infection of the urinary tract.

    Make a paste using wild yam powder to keep your breasts firm and good looking at all times. The herb contains other nutrients which are very good in promoting the general health of your breasts while keeping disease at bay. The diosgenin found in the herb is very popular in treating PMS.

    Diet for Breast Care:

    Increase your vegetable intake in every meal to maintain good health. Vegetables have nutrients which fight cancer and other illnesses making them very essential in every meal. Kale and spinach in particular are very beneficial to the body. Other vegetables include pumpkin, tomatoes, beetroot, broccoli and carrots.

    Try eating your vegetables in their natural form to make sure you get all the essential nutrients. If you have to cook them, use olive oil and do not overcook them.

    To prevent breast cancer, eat a diet rich in whole grains. This is because whole grains are rich in fiber which lowers estrogen levels in your body inhibiting the growth of cancerous breast cells. Such diets include wheat berries, brown rice, bread, grain bagels and pasta among others.

    Increase your dairy product intake every day. Instead of taking a large amount at once, you can take the products in small amounts but regularly. The fat content found in such products has proved to be very effective in preventing breast cancer. However, note that excessive oils can cause obesity which is not healthy.

    Take soy products which have anti-carcinogens responsible in weakening compounds of estrogen thereby inhibiting breast cancer and other illnesses. You can get the compounds in soy milk and tofu among other products.

    Fish contains omega 3 nutrients which are very beneficial in fighting disease. The compounds are a perfect remedy for keeping breast cancer at bay and can be found in fish like white tuna, mackerel, sardine, salmon as well as herring.

    Dark fruits are also a good remedy when it comes to breast care. Apart from improving the appearance of your breasts, they will effectively prevent breast cancer. Increase your intake of fruits such as peaches, berries, red apples, black grapes among others. You can include at least three servings in your diet.

    It is essential to always get checked to ensure that your breasts are in top shape. You should take it upon yourself to conduct self breast examinations alongside regular mammograms.

    Wrinkles and lumps on your breasts should act as a warning sign that something could be wrong with the breasts and you should therefore seek early medical attention. Getting all the information and understanding how different things work to your advantage or the negatives they could have on you is the key to better health.

    Home Remedies for Breast Care, Treatment for Breast Care, Natural Cure & Diet for Breast Care

    Home Remedies for Breast Care, Treatment for Breast Care, Natural Cure & Diet for Breast Care

    How to use dandelion root for breast care: Dandelion Root Dandelion Root How to use Fenugreek for breast care: How to use Fenugreek for breast care: Fenugr






    Home Remedies for Breast Care, Treatment for Breast Care, Natural Cure & Diet for Breast Care
    Home Remedies for Breast Care, Treatment for Breast Care, Natural Cure & Diet for Breast Care

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