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In every year we've been in the air, telling them What Benefits You Have all the best and necessary in the world, we had not met with a government service like that of Reniec consult dni, with so much excellence, efficiency, first-class virtual platform, high-rise services (with the support of the citizenry) and that it serves in a great way both within and outside the borders of Peru.

And it's just that he's deserved to offer citizenship all the compendium of services that facilitate their life in the different procedures that, like people, must do, have or receive for the simple fact of being people and being Peruvian.

From there he create an account dni be, in addition to an obligation, a satisfaction of the entire citizenry because through its platform, they speed up all those actions that concern identification and registration, being the liaison of Reniec consult dni the one that most daily (every day of the year), possesses, since it is fundamental to process, renew, recover its national identity document.


After validating – well deservedly – the Reniec consults dni, we quote some other benefits that are more to live them, than just to describe them.

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Reniec consult dni

There are various consultations that can be held at this juncture. through its website as at its headquarters. The most common are: Noticias del cadiz

Reniec query dni, status of processing:

Whatever the procedure that has been carried out before any agency of the State, through the Reniec website you can track it in real time and keep focus on the progress of it, either in a face-to-face, phone or electronic way.

To do so, you must follow the procedure established by the entity. To know:

  • Select the entity of your interest to see the procedure (the website is highly intuitive and your search engine helps guide the user's need model by speeding up processes).
  • Of usual it is mainly of the internal items of National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC)from which information is sought. We believe that although it has many benefits, sometimes the information that converges all governmental and necessary, has not been provided with all due information about the population.
  • Complying with the basic requirements for the Reniec query dni are: RUC or DNI.
  • Choose correctly between the option natural or legal person.
  • Enter your DNI, the verification digit, document issue date, resolve the CAPTCHA code and click on “Start”.
  • Select the “My Documents” tab so you can visualize each of the procedures you have made and the state in which these documents are found.

Check the DNI

Another of the most popular is: Reniec consult DNI. Since it is the final point to receive the physical and/or electronic document, which demonstrates that all steps and requirements for obtaining it are valid.

To do this, place the ID of your DNI or the assigned code (for the first time). After giving search the system will inform you in a factual way but expedite the status of your document. To know:

Initiated: The procedure was entered into the system.

In process: Shows how the document is processed in numbered stages from 1 to 6.

Reniec consult dni

Reniec consult dni

In every year we've been in the air, telling them What Benefits You Have all the best and necessary in the world, we had not met with a government service like





Reniec consult dni
Reniec consult dni

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