Salmon and poppy seeds (aperitif)




Smoked salmon is one of the basic ingredients of any of my special dinners, and I'm sure of many of you too. I love its taste, so fresh, and its versatility. In addition, the contribution of salmon's healthy fats is great from a nutritional point of view, even at Christmas, where it seems that we should not be so concerned about what we eat. The fun touch certainly puts the salty cookies, which combine perfectly with the salmon cream and fresh filler. And they look so pretty on the table that it will be one of your star snacks.

This recipe I like especially because it is suitable for any palate, large and small, and because you can prepare the filling in advance and keep it in the fridge inside a pastry sleeve or a razor until use. That is, the assembly of the snacks is better to do them at the end, because if you leave them ready in the fridge until the time of serving for hours, the salty cookies will be softened and the crispy that makes these salmon snacks a snack of 10.


The ingredients you will need for about 25 snacks are:

  • Smoked salmon (three slices).
  • 1/2 cheese flour for white untar (can be low in calories).
  • Fresh eneldo (three branches).
  • White ground pepper.
  • Round-room cookies.
  • Poppy seeds.

One. Give some cuts to the salmon steaks and put them in the glass of your Thermomix.

Two. Add cheese, fresh washed elbow, white pepper and crush 30 seconds at speed 5 (you can use if you prefer a hand blender).

3o. With the help of a cooking tongue, insert the filling into a pastry sleeve. Put a small nozzle on it (so you will prevent the dough from getting out of control) and put a little on top of one of the cookies. Close with the help of another cookie.

Four. In a small bowl, place the poppy seeds and pass each bite through them, only the central part, the filling. I like to do it alone with half the cookie, so it stays as you see in the picture and uncover poppy seeds. And they're so rich...

You've got your snacks ready, perfect to put on your special table these Christmases. If you like this recipe and encourage you to prepare it, throw me on your social media so I can see the picture of your salmon snacks. In Instagram, for example, you just have to tag me: you can find me as the red tiovivo (click here to see my account and follow me if you like). Descargar Imagenes Top gratis

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Salmon and poppy seeds (aperitif)

Salmon and poppy seeds (aperitif)

Smoked salmon is one of the basic ingredients of any of my special dinners, and I'm sure of many of you too. I love its taste, so fresh, and its versatility. I





Salmon and poppy seeds (aperitif)
Salmon and poppy seeds (aperitif)

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