Science confirms it: Mindfulness's practice improves fertility





The CEO of Natural Psychofertility, Antonia González, embryologist, gets very good results in her clinic with this technique

Science has often proven that meditation is a beneficial practice for health. More scientific articles on this technique are published every year. “They’re really amazing—explains Antonia González, embryologist and CEO of Natural PsychoFertility – and, in fact, it is one of the techniques I use with my patients,” a fertility clinic with natural techniques (not assisted reproduction).


Pubmed, the ‘biblia’ of the most prestigious scientific publications, contains up to 6000 studies on Meditation (especially Mindfulness) over the past 5 years. “This fact presupposes that we are moving forward in the study of this practice, of course, but –matizes – also that we still lack much to know.”

“Unlocks many anguishes that someone may have—as the embryologist says—I myself went through a very serious agoraphobia that had me withdrawn from the world almost a year, and when I discovered this practice it was a great help, as it made me realize how my mind worked and how it interacted with my body and my emotions, which is very interesting since many times a blockade can prevent—

The CEO of Natural Psychofertility also expanded the training that it recommends, the Stress Reduction Program Based on Mindfulness (MBSR)) with Dr. Vicente Simón, doctor, psychiatrist and professor of psychobiology at the University of Valencia. Dr. Simon is one of the promoters of Mindfulness meditation in Spain, and a great disciple of the creator of technique, biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of emeritus Medicine at the Massachusetts University Medical School.

“Thanks to these two professionals, passionate about their work, Mindfulness is being an important tool for many people in this country” – explains González – and adds “in my center I make an On-Line group this applied to infertility processes.” The infertility expert assures that it works: “there are already 7 years forming groups, almost 20 editions, and the experience has shown me that it is really effective, it is 8 weeks of intense work, but finally very rewarding, because the brain is very grateful, and at that time changes are already produced at the brain level (especially pre-frontal cortex) a few modifications in different areas of the brain that make us feel better.”

This does not mean – it continues – “that problems stop being in our life but our way of reacting to them is totally different.” The hormonal system is intimately related to the nervous system, “we can even find stress-generated pathologies, such as secondary amenorrhea (menstruation absence) but not only that, there is a gland that is essential for pregnancy to occur and a subsequent healthy evolution of it, which is the thyroid.”

Within a malfunction of this – it continues – “can we find ourselves faced with several panoramas: one, having a hormonal or immunological alteration, that is, that the woman or man have positive thyroid antibodies, and has been shown that the elevated levels of cortisol (stres hormone), raise the antibodies of the thyroid, therefore, there is a greater attack on the same and a greater destruction of the tissue – Resumen de Libros

“But it’s not just that we have stress at a time point, it’s that we live with chronic and sustained stress over time, and this type of chronic stress is toxic to the body and will end up killing us, because it generates more inflammation in our tissues, alters the glands and can even predispose us to metabolic diseases,” he warns.

The danger in modern society is that “we have normalized chronic stress without being really aware of how harmful it is for our organism, not only for our mental health, but also for physics, and that is the part that not all know and precisely is why we see it as normal, because we are not aware of the consequences it generates for our health” – he warns.

Studies that endorse this theory
There are several published studies on the consequences of stress, for example, in this study it has been shown that the stress experienced in the mother during the pregnancy will affect the offspring in the future. The consequence, shorten the telomers (extreme of chromosomes) of their stems. And what does this imply? Telomer is a marker of aging and life. The possibility is being proposed (this is very new yet) that having the longest telomers is synonymous with longer life. “This is very important to know – he warns – and very serious if we continue this way, not only do we get sick, but we are leaving a mark on our children.”

There's another study on the Meditation Mindfulness and Immune Systemwhich demonstrates that it improves inflammation, immunity and biological aging.

And another study showed the number of benefits of practice in women who were going through infertility processes and also noted that stress prior to conception increases the risk of infertility. Another proved that improved levels of inflammatory cytokines (i.e. inflammation) and even on diabetes.

“For my experience – it ends – I can ensure that stress modifies, and not for good, our organism, our metabolism, our immune system and of course affects our hormones, and therefore our fertility,” so all professionals who work this should take into account the management of stress and emotions in all these processes so delicate and painful.

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Science confirms it: Mindfulness

Science confirms it: Mindfulness's practice improves fertility

The CEO of Natural Psychofertility, Antonia González, embryologist, gets very good results in her clinic with this technique /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Science confirms it: Mindfulness
Science confirms it: Mindfulness

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