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Sea water is composed of mineral salts that are important to the body, to be a little more specific is formed by a 86% of sodium chloride and 14% magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Fluor, Molybdenum, Zinc, Copper, Yodo, Iron, Selenium and Manganese.


The properties you will find in this water are of the utmost importance for our body to function as efficiently as possible, you will hardly find better supplement for your body than sea water.

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Sea water benefits 1

The skin

In order for you to absorb all the benefits of seawater we recommend you to consume it with the following ingredients, synergy with oats, bardana, zarzaparrilla and lion toothIf you consume this mixture by 25 days, by dose 20 mg, you can notice the improvement in your skin, as it will be toned, with a splendid texture and elasticity, in case you have acne it is also responsible for removing it.

The lungs

The mixture is made of thyme, drosera and llanté, you must bear in mind that it is the same dose that we named you before, you must bear in mind that it cannot be consumed excessively as it can bring many side effects, so we recommend you to talk to a doctor to give you a more acceptable dose for you.

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5 sea water benefits

Now, we're gonna leave you a list of the benefits your body will have if you start using seawater:

  1. Best for your dermatitis

In this water you can find many minerals that will take care of your skin, helping to heal, all this is due to its high potassium and iodine content, so it helps to combat disease like dermatitis or psoriasis. Many professionals ensure that this is the best way to combat dermatitis.

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  1. It'll help you see yourself younger

We all know that when you go to the beach, the sea, the sun and the rest, it makes us feel much more energetic and renewed, this is because of the vitamin Dthat will help your skin rejuvenate.

  1. It's a great muscle relaxant.

With sea water you will surely find a great capacity to relax your muscles, you will surely remember when you soaked your feet in salt water, which made you feel more relieved, the same effect will give you sea water.

  1. Improves blood circulation

For you to see the effects the water must be cold, so that, by contrast to the skin, it can give that improvement in our circulation and if you are on the beach the currents and the water in motion will help you to be in constant movementwhich will also help your circulation.

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  1. It helps you with gastric problems

Many of the people who consume this water ensure that it has helped them avoid numerous stomach diseases, and all this is supported by numerous studies, Wilmer Soler Newfoundland He's a teacher who, 32 patients With gastritis, he refused to take 350 milliliters of sea water, with this experiment he managed to recover all patients, who had this disease.

Where you can find her

The truth is that it is not as easy as going to the nearest beach and picking it up from there, this is because this water has not been processed or purified, so it can cause you numerous diseases.

To find the sea water that if you can consume you must approach a herbal or a natural store, which sells this product, of which you must make sure that this 100% purified to avoid disease.

Preparation of sea water with peas

You're going to be able to consume this amazing food and that, besides, it's going to give you all the benefits of sea water:


  • 500g of peas
  • 200ml de nata vegana de avena
  • 2 peeled potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 handful of fresh grass
  • 100ml sea water
  • 200 ml natural water
  • pepper to taste


  1. We place the sea water to heat for a while until it starts boiling to place the potatoes and the peas, we do not place salt.
  2. When we start to see that the food is ready, we let them rest so they cool.
  3. Now we cut the good grass into small pieces and add it to peas and potatoes, after that we blend all the ingredients.
  4. As it lysses, we add the vegetable cream and continue to beat until we see that everything is mixed.
  5. After serving you add pepper to taste and start enjoying this amazing recipe.

Sea water benefits

The skinThe lungs Best for your dermatitis It'll help you see yourself younger It's a great muscle relaxant. Improves blood circulation It helps you with gastr





Sea water benefits 1
Sea water benefits 1
Sea water benefits 1
Sea water benefits 1
Sea water benefits 1
Sea water benefits 1

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