Shrimp and avocado




Hoyos I bring a very fast dish of preparation that is also precious on the table:timbal of shrimp and avocado. You need very few ingredients and it is perfect to present it on a special occasion. So if you like healthy food at any time, you can save this recipe, for example, for Christmas. If you present it in small size it can be an appetizer or incoming that will certainly love your diners. I confess that I love avocado, and as a node of being a very quick salad to prepare, I usually take it (it tastes in summer also because it is tasty and light, but at the same time satisfying thanks to avocado). The only thing that if I take it as a main dish, I take care to deust a larger tie ring.

To prepare this rich shrimp and avocado you need for two people (for four if they are snack type rations):


For the filling:

– 24 cooked prawns,

– 4 or 5 pallets of assimi,

– 100 g of cherry tomatoes cut,

– 100 g of chopped egg tomato (or a tasty tomato and fleshy),

– a spoonful of tender onion cut in squares,

– a bit of chopped cilantro (or if you prefer, parsley),

– a spicy little avocado.

For the outer crown:

– a laminated avocado.

For the dressing:

– Extra virgin olive oil,

– freshly ground black pepper,

- Get out.

One. Peel cooked shrimps and mix with the rest of the filler. Add some salt and lime juice to taste.

Two. With the help of a mandolin or a potato peeler, cut avocado foils. When you do it, sprinkle some olima lemon juice on a plate and watch them put on them carefully. Put some lemon back on top and you'll keep it from black.

3o. Use a tie ring to place the filler and puncher with a lot of care for avocado foils. Add salt and pepper, put some extra virgin olive oil on top and salt scales and serve.

A suggestion: if you can, replace the surimi by mussels. I always prefer these, but if not, surimi is an acceptable substitute.

Save this post, because you're going to want to prepare this shrimp and safe avocado. It can't be any better! When you try it, put the picture on your social media and get me out.♪ the vivre ♪So I can see your super tomato. Camas articuladas

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Shrimp and avocado

Shrimp and avocado

Hoyos I bring a very fast dish of preparation that is also precious on the table:timbal of shrimp and avocado. You need very few ingredients and it is perfect





Shrimp and avocado
Shrimp and avocado

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