Slimming in January without diets, it is possible





Christmas brings a change in the food routines that are intended to compensate for the first month of the year, with the adoption of restrictive diets that are not only not healthy, but also do not work. For Dr. *Richard Allison, nutritionist of Herbalife Nutrition, it is vital to adopt a long-term healthy feeding strategy to adopt a constant time routine

Christmas in terms of food means an excess after another, and the usual intakes are added to other extraordinary types of spike, drinks, sweets that increase the scale between 3 and 5 kilos, according to the European Medical Institute of Obesity. When the month of January arrives, the objective is to lose the weight gained as quickly as possible, for which it is used to restrictive diets that, in addition to being a health hazard, do not work and cause the so-called rebound effect. Dr. Richard Allison, a nutritionist of Herbalife Nutrition poses the need to adopt constant healthy eating patterns in time to achieve the desired results.


The rush to lose weight is usually a bad counselor and resorting to a restrictive diet is a mistake. By submitting the body to a calorie restriction, lower your work rate and save energy. At first there is a weight loss, especially accumulated fluid, to later lose muscle mass, but the stored fat will not be burned, precisely the one that wants to be removed quickly. Therefore, in this way, they will lose kilos, but also health.

In addition, if this restriction is maintained for a long time, the rebound effect is fatal, as metabolism is used to working with its new caloric contribution and any “excess” will accumulate more easily.

“The healthiest diet is that in which all essential nutrients are included to make the body work normally. If that contribution is restricted, weight loss does not amount to health,” says Richard Allison. With this maximum ever present, the nutritionist proposes five small changes towards well-being in the right direction. Changes that should not all be made at once. For the expert, it is ideal to concentrate on each one enough time to incorporate them into the daily routine.

Vegetables, not missing
The basis for a healthy diet is mainly the consumption of vegetables and vegetables, and whenever possible, of the season. Seasonal products have been cultivated with the best climatic conditions and collected when they are perfectly mature.

Far from being boring foods, vegetables and vegetables have a multitude of uses and preparations to choose: raw or cooked salads (iron, steam or oven) and mix them with nuts, fruits, turkey, etc. to make them more attractive. Incorporating chopped vegetables to pasta dishes, replacing white rice by broccoli... everything is a matter of experiencing. Noticias raras y curiosas

The protein, the main ally
If the main goal is to lose weight, you should not forget to include proteins in the healthy plan. They play a fundamental role in the reparaci stranger;oacute;n of the muscles and help to maintain the satiating effect for longer, which avoids falling into the temptation of “pictures” with high fat and sugar content.

The ideal thing is to start by incorporating a protein source into each meal. And for those who find it difficult to include enough proteins in their diet, a good option is the consumption of protein shakes.

Water and more water
Coffee time is undoubtedly the time of the preferred day for many. It is very easy to have endless cups of coffee or tea, especially working or enjoying a pleasant meeting with friends.

However, the usual consumption of these drinks can lead to a low intake of water and dehydration. Why not replace the morning cup of caffeine with hot water with lemon? A simple change that besides cleaning the body will have long-term beneficial effects.

No need to go to the gym to exercise

In addition to a balanced diet, a physical exercise routine adapted to the needs and capacities of each person is required to achieve the proposed goals.

Have you fallen into the trap of every year by setting the purpose of going to the gym every day and again has not been fulfilled? Physical activity does not have to be exclusively linked to the gym. Just making small changes in the day to day you will find different ways to exercise, which being constant, will allow to reach a good way and get the best results: get off the train or bus a stop before to make the rest of the amino walking; park away from work to walk a few more steps; climb the stairs avoiding the lifts; or walk for 30 minutes before or after work, are small changes that make the difference.

Eye with rations
Even if a meal is healthy, it can cause a weight gain if you eat too much. The control of rations is a seriously underestimated concept when talking about weight control.

Buy products that already come in portions, choose a smaller dish, not eat directly from the food containers or use a single dish to serve us at the same time, are small tricks that deceive in sight and allow to control more easily what is eaten.

“It is time to end the false myth that a balanced diet and an active lifestyle involves being on a diet all the time. The important thing is to learn to have a healthy relationship with both food and body through long-term healthy nutrition,” Allison concludes.

♪ Richard Allison is a nutritionist at the Herbalife Nutrition headquarters in England, as well as the nutrition manager of the Tottenham Hotspur female team, former nutrition manager of the Arsenal Football Club and dietitian entitled by the British Diet Association.

Slimming in January without diets, it is possible

Slimming in January without diets, it is possible

Christmas brings a change in the food routines that are intended to compensate for the first month of the year, with the adoption of restrictive diets that are





Slimming in January without diets, it is possible
Slimming in January without diets, it is possible

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