SNS nails pros and cons: a complete review

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SNS Nails Pros and cons

If you are interested in SNS nails. You should first know the SNS nails pros and cons. Read this article carefully because we will discuss a complete review of SNS nails.

What Are SNS Nails?

Dip powder or SNS  nails are completely different from the typical manicure. Rather than working with a polish, these nail designs are created out of powder. As its name implies you dip your fingernails to a pot of colored powder, fasten the color with a bonding liquid, then repeat the procedure several times and voila — you’ve beautiful and fashionable nails!

How To Apply SNS Nails?

To start with, it’s crucial to be aware that you could enjoy this manicure to both natural nails or nails with tips. The procedure involves applying a foundation bonding solution to correctly groomed nails.

Up to five coatings can be implemented before the healing and finishing steps are completed; determined by whether the powder is applied on natural nails or nails with tips . A sealer is brushed and the nails sealed, buffed and also given another coat of sealer in the event the producer permits.

Are SNS Nails Bad For The Natural Nails?

Unlike what some may believe, SNS nails are not bad for the nails. They’ve nutrients within the powder which can help fortify the natural nails. There is also no unpleasant UV light to lock the color set up so that your skin will thank you.

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

Now it is the time to discuss the pros and cons of SNS nails in detail. let us begin our review:

What are SNS pros?

Obviously, among the greatest benefits to this dip powder is that the simple truth is a remarkably durable manicure.


  • Everyone knows the bad effect of UV on the skin and the whole body. The acrylic and gel manicure need that UV exposure, therefore it’s much better to use SNS nails if you worried about this issue.

No Harsh Odor

  • The Powder used are very similar to standard product, however, the powders are completely odor-free. Whether you do so in your home or in a nail salon, then the notion of an odor-free experience might be a part of their allure.


  • because of the way the procedure operates, you receive less powder onto your own nails than using an acrylic nails manicure, leaving you with considerably thinner and a lot more notable and embarrassing nails.


  • Although it may take longer for several measures, the SNS nails do not need a great deal of time and are often done in a much shorter time period than conventional acrylics require.


  • The grains of these powders are amazingly nice, and due to this, the dip powder colors are far more lively than conventional gel or acrylic nails.


  • As an emerging fashion, there is an increasing number of tutorials and videos which show you how you can utilize this manicure creatively. New products are emerging all the time, also, which makes it simpler than ever to acquire dazzling outcomes from a DIY therapy.

Basically, it might seem there aren’t any reasons to prevent the usage of these dip powder kits. However, as you’re well aware, using almost any beauty product, there are always likely to be a couple of cons or drawbacks to think about.

What Are SNS Cons?

If you ask manicurists about the usage of SNS nails more than familiar gel or acrylic nails, many say they do come with a couple of drawbacks to take into account. While all appear in excellent agreement that this kind of manicure is a fantastic alternative, many also give such information with a couple of caveats. These include:

Bonding agents

  • Although you may see SNS nails advertised or recognized as more natural, the straightforward truth of the matter is that the bonding resin or coating is frequently full of the chief ingredient used in Krazy Glue and other comparable products. Even though this is identical for acrylic and gel manicure, also, it’s something to continue being mindful of if you’re opting for it as it’s described as organic.

SNS Nails Removal

  • Among the biggest problems, you will hear and read manicurists talk about is that the SNS nails removal process required to take off the dip powder coatings. You need to think about exactly what experts said about it ”the removal procedures ought to be considered for any sort of nail polish.” The procedure for this manicure is lengthy and cannot be rushed”


  • Another large concern with this type of manicure is it may be quite unsanitary. If you’re having them done in a nail salon, you have to first figure out if it’s a genuine powder dip or if the nail technician will brush onto the powders.


  • it’s a fact that SNS nails come in at a slightly higher price, however, there are a number of things to notice about that. The first is that the pricing gaps will likely be temporary since the treatment is just now emerging and getting popular. As more manicurists learn how to perform it and many more people master it at home, costs for materials will decrease. Also, consider you could get four weeks from a well-done dip powder manicure.


SNS nails cons do not really outweigh the pros, and even if they’re about, many professionals will state this alternative appears to be one which will stay for a long time to come. Since the method is so straightforward and simple and capable of being performed nicely by experts and beginners alike, it’s essential that people concentrate on that negative — the removal procedure. This is to be certain it is done correctly, safely and without damaging the nails.

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