Spring Healthy 2021 By Diego Alonso, CoolRooms Atocha Palace





And the spring came with a message of illusion reverted to “gastro-scudo” of season where the Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha and the journalist and writer, Pilar Carrizosa, present the “Healthy Gourmet Seasons 2021” in a new edition where the welcome to the station puts the design of the menu of executive chef Diego Alonso that is incorporated in the hotel letter during the spring

Increasing the healthy and conscious world taking advantage of the seasonal profile rich in minerals and vitamins is the goal of the Spring Healthy 2021 menu. The showcooking revealed the author's cooking values to enjoy them in their proposal by an AOVE D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba.


Scratch with marinated anchovies in crab sauce and black olive sauce. Low temperature and grilled bass, black pepper, lime and ginger air, broccoli cous-cous. Steak cow pier, egg, parmesan tiles and sufle potato and Greek yogurt foam and osmotized fruit.


AOVE. D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba. More than 2,500 awards worldwide (south Cordoba natural park of the Sierras Subbéticas) of ancient olive groves of traditional cultivation, more than 50% to more than 1,000 meters and 30% with steep slopes. More than 6000 families dedicated to this crop come from three indigenous varieties: Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda. The AOVES range from its most mature range: ideal for friction and/or cooking to its star product: its intense green fruity, which recalls in the nose herbaceous nuances, fruit aromas: apple and green banana, and tomato and alcachofa vegetables. Input in the mouth: sweet to a bitter medium and a persistent spicy. Numbered counter-label: endorses quality and origin control. www.dopriegodecordoba.com

Width. La family saga, Donosti, over 100 years old, guards in a bank with overlacrated the master formula of its success: the marinade. The most? Crab sauce and black olive sauce. Vitamins A, B, D, E and K. Cata: soft, spongy, feeling in the mouth leaving in the retrogusto an addictive liking memory in countries around the world, such as Australia or Japan and visited by celebrities such as Glenn Close. 1er, 2 and 3 award Pintxos City Contest of San Sebastian. First best prize Basque pintxo. First miniature kitchen award 2018 and 2019. Gold Pintxo of San Sebastián (Instituto del pintxo). Three stars in Guide “The Best”. Post 42 in 100 best casual Gourmet restaurants in Europe (2019.) The + cool: kit with anchovy jars+ sauces+ bread. Online shipping: www.bartxepetxa.es

Lubina Aquanaria (2-4 kg) for high gastronomy, breeding in aquaculture in the open sea and is a technological challenge possible thanks to the years of experience of the company, the first of the sector in Spain to make Ocean farming. The process: and respectful with the environment as one areas of greater marine biodiversity from Europe. The currents and strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean, a kind of gym for the bass, make them develop the muscle and their fat is well distributed. It's healthy infiltrated fat.. Stress his firm texture and intense flavor. First and only company with AENOR Certification: ANISAKIS Free. Online shop. www.aquanaria.com Pirateking Ver anime gratis online


Steack pier. Provacuno (Interprofessional Organization of the Spanish Carne) It is a sustainable key to the standard of food security and animal welfare that make the European production model the most solvent worldwide. With a growth of 17% in exports, according to the latest data of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, it contributes to the rural viability and advances towards the circular economy by waste zero. The traceability required by European control, from field to table, ensures a healthy food (minerals: iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and vitamins group B). Committed with the planet to achieve climate neutrality, defined in its strategy Carbon Carne Cowskin Neutral 2050. https://www.fansdelvacuno.es/

Ecological eggs of the RUJAMAR Winery Group. 1st Jaulas free poultry company. National leader in Alternative Production (Cage Free).3 categories (park of 1.3 million birds).-Huevos Chicken Soil (San Lorenzo de la Parrilla-Cuenca, Core) Code 2.Huevos Camperos (Saelices-Cuenca, Campero core). Code1. Ecological eggs (Honrubia-Cuenca, Ecological Nucle) Code 0. BLOCKCHAIN technology (trazability). 100% Plastic Free. _ Code 0-Ecological, bird food: eco cereals, without additives. Exit to outdoor parks. Code 1-Campero.Food: I think processed in own feed factories. Exit outside. Code 2-From Soil. Food: I think made in own factory with accessories. No outside. Free movement on ships. www.rujamar.com

Molinillo pepper 5 spices and “All Reason” gluten free Nearfood. With more than 2000 bio items are a stimulus for the senses by its evocative essence impregnating its aroma and rounding the dish. The Spanish healthy platform that operates in the UK, Germany, France and Italy international market, advocates for the product of Excellence by presenting a wide range of varieties• Business opportunity: maximizing the production of a manufacturer through it.. www.nearfood.com

Hotel CoolRooms Atocha Palace. Cosmopolita and palatial located in the axis of the culture of the capital, in full Barrio de Las Letras, It impresses by the sophistication and grandeur that hide its 34 high ceiling rooms, which create the sensation of sleeping in a palace. Its CoolSuites with private terrace and views over the roofs of Madrid and outdoor Jacuzzi, has earned the category “Best Hotel Urbano” of Spain for the prestigious Gold List of the magazine Condé Nast Traveler. Your gastro-healthy experiences: live letter, which will incorporate seasonal dishes market cuisine, concept Slow Food and the inclusive cuisine of executive chef Diego Alonso not only creates sensations evocatives to the table but that complete with other experiences of the hotel such as retreats of Yoga, dine on your terrace with pool surrounded by the sound of water with dinners in the light of the moon, the brunchs of Sunday, as well as a teleworking offer in the hotel, in full oasis of calm and tranquility in the center of Madrid, is something evocative and different. www.coolrooms.com

Spring Healthy 2021 By Diego Alonso, CoolRooms Atocha Palace

Spring Healthy 2021 By Diego Alonso, CoolRooms Atocha Palace

And the spring came with a message of illusion reverted to “gastro-scudo” of season where the Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha and the journalist and writ






Spring Healthy 2021 By Diego Alonso, CoolRooms Atocha Palace
Spring Healthy 2021 By Diego Alonso, CoolRooms Atocha Palace

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