Sustainable Spring 2022: product kitchen, honest and unconformist





For a consumer concerned about quality from respect for the natural environment and with a traceability of product produced from its origin to the dish, we traveled through the guts of each land in the edition “Presentation Menu Primavera 2022”, within the “Healthy Gourmet Seasons” at InterContinental Madrid, a reference for lovers of gastronomy and the first international hotel that was inaugurated in Spain


For more than 15 years, his Sunday Brunch, awarded as the best in the city, is a display with more than 200 dishes. This year they collaborate again with this iconic five stars and their Chef Miguel de la Fuente, at the head of the InterContinental Garden Restaurant, who will be responsible for creating a healthy menu with carefully selected products for the occasion. The message remains the same: “what we eat, we are.”

The Menu cooked with ionized water was composed of: AOVE and Pan with tomato/ Menestra of veggies to the finger and almond pops/Hurdana salad, the Iberian acorn ham accompanying an egg yolk sauce/ Thai reduced soup with low-temperature cooked egg, noodles, enokis, nori algae and chinese chinese sprout/Alcachofas tortilla in its shell, with AOVE and a garlic/Mar and mountain tooth, chicken kebab with white shrimp veil and very fine curry sauce.

Architecture of the dishes
Premium and inimitable liquid gold AOVE Origival are 9 varieties of olives creating a unique flavor in the world and bitter-suave balance. Located in 1.22 hectares of own production, this mixture of olives results limited with a number of different bottles per crop, according to the annual calculation of olives, influenced by the weather of the year, the production of each variety or its ripening. That's why it is Inimitable ( Tone: golden, Olor: medium fruit. Flavor: banana, tomato and hinojo, remaining in the palate. Production: Once aceituna matures, the harvest arrives (end of October) which allows to obtain a yield less than 12% and provides a green, fresh and fruity product and a maximum acidity of 0.14o achieved by a high quality olive, with a time elapsed from its harvest to its grinding, which exceeds 4 hours, thus avoiding a fermentation. Cold extraction, without filtration processes and manual bottling, without mechanical manipulation, keeps its properties intact. Novedad 2022: 4 new varieties: 3 monovaries, Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki and a variety of Arbosana-Arbequina mix.

The ionized water of GREEWATER sustainable and alkaline is investing in health. Strengthen the immune system. Molecular hydrogen is the most potent antioxidant of nature and it has been proven that 95% of pathologies improve with it. In the water there are two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecules. This device “separates oxygen hydrogen” and “supports 2 more hydrogen molecules”; this combats the free radicals that cause oxidation. ( It is an anti-aging of organs and skin, removes toxins and is superhydrant (8 Veces +) because it is microstructured hexagonal. Ascending a step in the food chain, athletes like footballers Benzema or Cristiano Ronaldo have signed up for this “hydro-travel”. The idea is to live in “healthy mode” incorporating new habits. USES: among others, by boiling water for pasta and tea, cleaning food, adding it to soups and sauces or preparing morning coffee, removing pesticides from fruits and vegetables, disinfecting kitchen and bath surfaces, eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria in just 30 seconds.


Iberian Ham. Pruna (Sevilla). In the Sierra del Tablón, the difference is made with massive Iberian pork makers by combining the passion for obtaining 100% organic ham and sausage and the conservation of the environment and the roots achieving the authentic flavors of old, without added substances, without haste: only patience, nature and know how to do. Fathers and grandparents taught tradition and affection for the lands worked for generations and this meant the starting point: first of all, the first thing they should take care of and respect is their own dehesa as they always did ( The new technologies have done the rest: reforesting wastelands, avoiding waste of water and food, introducing new techniques of cultivation and management of the land, betting for traditional breeds and varieties, making the most of the possibilities of the land without excess, keeping their own rhythms. Every day see species of wild plants or animals returned, believed to be lost, see the Mediterranean forest recover, and see the cattle grow. Thus economy and nature coexist and prosper. Visits to the dehesa. Peliculas completas en youtube

Caldo thai. Bendita Sopa was born in 2021 as a tribute to the conserving tradition of Luanco and to the figure of the “guisanderas”, chefs of tradition with a special taste for slow fire. Its first products were based on very traditional recipes, with broths and frequently consumed creams as an flagship, but in 2022 it has been proposed to explore new kitchens. Thus arises Caldo thai, a recipe halfway between tradition and the avant-garde; a chicken broth bathed in a multitude of spices, mustard, ginger, or cayenne, among others, that surprises with a spicy taste in mouth ( .Pese to be devised for consumption in the form of Pad Thai or Noodles, not desentona as a soup. Ingredients: Water, chicken, onion, carrot, puerro, potato, celery, salt, garlic, black pepper, curcuum, hinox, mustard, aholva, cilantro, ginger, cumin, cayenne, basil, poultry, herbbuena, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, black paprika, orange sesamega

Vegetables of the orchard Vehortu emerges in the Ribera de Navarra with a goal: to share with the world the products of this land called “La Huerta de Europa” (“La Huerta de Europa”) Free additives, artisans with minimal pasteurization, prior to vacuum packaging, preserve their organoleptic and nutritional properties intact and offers a product “fresh” with useful life alongthe year. The “White Alcachofa of Tudela”, awarded in Gourmet Hall, with the “First Versatility Product Award”, se dispone in different cuts and formats like the “Alcachofa Flor” or in Hearts... Under the teaching FRESHNAVARRA, sells Vegetables, vegetables and fresh organic fruits. What do you characterize? Exhaustive selection of raw materials.Vacuum packaging: increases the durability of the product while maintaining its organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Kebab Lonching Chicken (, its elaboration in both woven and puncture, is developed through the research of the technological advance of the food industry. What is woven kebab? The fine sheets of beef, chicken, lamb or roasted turkey cut in fine foils implies a quick and simple preparation, since it reaches the ultrafreeze consumer. Without the need for additional machinery and after just 3-4 minutes of cooking is ready. How and where is it made? freezing by means of an innovative IQF freezing process with Co2 technology that ensures that products do not need any chemical for their conservation, also allows the product to maintain the same texture, nutritional value and flavor as recently developed. ?Difference with the rest? Its aroma, texture, flavor and detail of the production chain; respect the times in the preparation of the puncture and its subsequent lonching.

Sustainable Spring 2022: product kitchen, honest and unconformist

Sustainable Spring 2022: product kitchen, honest and unconformist

For a consumer concerned about quality from respect for the natural environment and with a traceability of product produced from its origin to the dish, we tra





Sustainable Spring 2022: product kitchen, honest and unconformist
Sustainable Spring 2022: product kitchen, honest and unconformist

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