Tax benefits in Mexico




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Physical and moral contributors may have the opportunity in specific deductions and stimuli. In items and taxes such as imports, fossil fuels, interim payments (PTU) donations, I.S.R in salaries, deductions. By hiring persons with disabilities, decreases in IEPS rates and other benefits that should be of interest to prosecutors, accountants and taxpayers in general.

Predial tax

Condonation: It is an excellent benefit, for all those who are not in the ability to pay their taxes. The following persons are acquitted: older adults, persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities, persons with limited resources, orphaned children, persons at risk of losing their work for disability and widows.


This condonation applies to housing owners or housing owners.


Grants are granted, those dwellings within the permitted range. That is to say every taxpayer who has housing of room or mixed use. These are in different ranges E-F-G. Each of them with a different rate. E ranges will have a 50% subsidy, F-ranking, 35% subsidy and G-ranking, with a 25% subsidy.

Tax benefits in mexico 1

Tax on possession or use of vehicles

Beneficiaries will have a 100% tenure allowance for vehicle use. The beneficiaries will have to be up to date with the payment of taxes.

Importance of tax benefits

From this year 2019, no new taxes are proposed, much less increases to those that already exist. It has been suggested that already those who are making adjustments. There are also new proposals that will continue to be analysed.

That's the RFC

To the question of which is the RFCWe must say it's the federal taxpayer's record. It is a key that the Mexican government delivers to taxpayers, to identify wage earners and businesses. The economic activity of each taxpayer is known through this key. Listas y rankings

Types of Tax Benefits

There are several types of tax benefits, these will depend on the activities that are carried out, as well as their origin. These can be:

  • Deduction: it is when a reduction is applied to the tax base of any tax and this meets previously fixed requirements.
  • Exemption: are all those incomes that have been exempted in their entirety of any tax. This can be due to environmental or social conditions and also certain regulations that provide it.
  • Bonus: is when any tax is applied a reduction in its cost to pay.
  • Reduction: it is the reduction of income or incomes that are subject to taxes and are aminor of the gross amount.
  • There are some types of grants, which are fiscal benefits, because by nature they cannot be reintegrated and are commonly called fund to be lost.

That's the Subvention

It is any granting of money, services and goods of any kind, which is made by a public administration or by a natural or legal person, without any legal obligation to reimburse it. It is often used in activities with some social interest or popular interest.

Subversion somehow links the beneficiary and the administration by creating a legal relationship, where the beneficiary has the right to acquire subversion as long as the legal conditions are met and consequently is obliged to comply with the activity benefited.

There are currently many activities of the economy that are funded. For example, we can cite activities that are concerted in education, in transport activities, in agriculture activities. It is also widely used in film productions, as companies are also used in R+D+I, activities NGOs, There are also other circumstances of a personal, family and social nature that may become subsidized, but we must know how to differentiate them from the benefits that are acquired by law and aid.

Tax benefits in Mexico

Physical and moral contributors may have the opportunity in specific deductions and stimuli. In items and taxes such as imports, fossil fuels, interim payments





Tax benefits in mexico 1
Tax benefits in mexico 1

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