The livestock-channel industry defends the meat denominations #This isNo





• The livestock-care industry defends the use of the meat denominations only for products made with meat
• The objective is to transfer to society its commitment to the clear labelling of food and to request the Euro-Parliamentarys to support the voting next week in Brussels on this issue.

Madrid, 15 October 2020. The European Parliament discusses next week the ban on the use of the usual meat denominations and the elaborate meats for the sale of vegetables that do not contain meat in their composition.


Since the National Association of Carne Industries of Spain (Anice), the National Association of Porcino Livestock Producers (Anprogapor) and the Carne and Health platform, members of the European Parliament are urged to study with the utmost attention the impact and consequences of the authorization of these terms, which would encourage misleading and unfair business practices. Foods obtained from vegetable proteins are products, for their production technologies, ingredients and nutritional qualities, totally different from meat and meat derivatives, so the same names should not be used to describe them. The Spanish and European livestock-care industry considers that allowing the traditional nomenclature of meat products in other products that do not contain meat would create confusion in consumers with products of characteristics and nutritional values completely different from those of meat, but that they want to present with the same denomination, appearance and labelling.

On the other hand, these organizations defend that the use of the denominations associated with meat products implies the usurpation of a nomenclature that the legislation establishes that it should be used only for products of animal origin, and tries to use unfair marketing strategies to get advantages in the market, taking advantage of denominations of prestige and long tradition thanks to the work of generations of cattle breeders, industries and European butchers, and they are in cultural heritage. Plant products should seek and use their own designations and characteristics without attempting to induce consumers to think that they are “equivalent” to real meat products with which they intend to mime.

As Gustavo Samayoa, president of the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI), explains, “the primary thing is the clarity in the messages and not to confuse the consumer. Consumers demand a transparent and understandable label, which at the same time does not induce error with confused messages”.

For this reason, Anice, Anprogapor and Carne and Health want to join the initiative of COPA-COGECA, the main association of cattle ranchers and farmers in Europe, and the other European sectoral organizations, in their communication campaign “EstoNoEsUnFilete”, with which it is intended to show society the differences in the composition of meat products compared to vegetable products, as well as the importance of using meats exclusively with meats. Foro ciclismo

Through this campaign, which will be developed in digital media and social networks under the hashtag It's not a movie, it's not a bourgeois ham and it's not a sausage, it is intended to defend the denominations of traditional meat products, as well as to value the commitment of the whole sector with a clear and effective labeling for consumers that avoids deceptions and misunderstandings by calling each product by its name.

Meat and Health
Carne and Health is an information platform on meats of cattle, sheep-caprine, white and Iberian pigs, rabbits and the elaborate meats, in which it is intended to accommodate all aspects of interest to the consumer, health professionals, the media and society in general on the role of livestock and meats in food and culture.

The National Association of Porcino Livestock Producers (ANPROGAPOR) is a non-profit entity that represents and defends the interests of porcine farmers in Spain. It was constituted on 1 July 1977, according to the Law of 19/1977 of 1 April and its territorial area is national, grouping members of the different Autonomous Communities of Spain.

ANPROGAPOR's partners are national associations (National Association of Porcino Selecto Livestock Criadores), regional or provincial of porcino cattle producers, cooperatives, S.A. T., health defense groups, livestock companies and individual cattle ranchers engaged in the production of porcine cattle and are interested in the defense of the sector.

ANICE represents the meat industry at the national level, bringing together more than 650 companies, in all the autonomous communities, with an important representation of the Spanish meat production.

In ANICE, all the industry's leading companies are represented, together with a large group of SMEs that generate employment and economic activity in rural areas.

The business figure of these companies to 14,855 million euros, which represents more than 70% of the turnover of the Spanish meat sector (porcino, vacuno, ovino and elaborated meats).

The Association is present in a very active way in the vertebrate axes of the sector: for this purpose, it represents the meat industry in the Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries (FIAB), through which it is integrated in the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and is also an active member of the European organizations, interprofessional organizations of the sector, as well as in the Technology Platform,

The livestock-channel industry defends the meat denominations #This isNo

The livestock-channel industry defends the meat denominations #This isNo

• The livestock-care industry defends the use of the meat denominations only for products made with meat• The objective is to transfer to society its commi





The livestock-channel industry defends the meat denominations #This isNo
The livestock-channel industry defends the meat denominations #This isNo

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