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Hepatitis is the condition which refers to the inflammation of liver. Liver has quite many vital functions and any damage to liver can be harmful for the overall health. Health conditions can decline as well as the conditions can turn to be lethal. The inflammatory cells of immune system tend to destroy the normal functioning liver cells.

Hepatitis can be either of the ‘self-healing’ type or can be chronic. The chronic conditions of hepatitis are likely to harm the liver by causing liver cirrhosis (scarring of liver) or may cause liver failure. Toxins such as alcohol or certain medications and autoimmune diseases can be held responsible to cause hepatitis in some cases.


But mostly it is the hepatitis virus that causes inflammation of the liver. The symptoms of acute hepatitis include flu-like illness along with nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, head ache, muscle and joint ache, malaise and jaundice. Rarely, people with acute hepatitis develop acute live failure which is fatal. Chronic hepatitis may exhibit symptoms like malaise, tiredness or jaundice or may not show any symptoms at all.

Best Treatments For Hepatitis

Hepatitis is categorized into A, B and C types which are caused by hepatitis virus A, B and C respectively. Some rare categories of hepatitis include hepatitis D, E and autoimmune hepatitis.

Interferon Therapy

One kind of treatment for hepatitis involves the interferon therapy. Interferon is a cytokine which the body’s immune system produces naturally in order to fight off a viral infection. The interferon protein used for hepatitis treatment is slightly different. There are three kinds of interferon that the body produces; alpha, beta and gamma. The alpha interferon has been approved for therapeutic use against hepatitis B and C. Interferon is usually administered through sub-cutaneous route.

Treatment by immunization Against Hepatitis A

Vaccination against hepatitis A is quite necessary. Immunization is carried out by injecting immune serum globulin to prevent hepatitis A. It is also effective in a person who is exposed to the hepatitis A virus if injected within 2 weeks of exposure.

Hepatitis B Immune Globulin Tramites en Ecuador

For the one who is exposed to the hepatitis B virus, getting hepatitis B immune globulin can help to prevent the virus from causing any harm to liver and thus preventing hepatitis. It is not a vaccine and so will not provide long term resistance.

Liver Transplant

Due to chronic hepatitis, liver failure can occur. Then the only treatment option that remains is liver transplantation.

Reishi Mushroom

One may even try out some herbal remedies to cure hepatitis after having consulted from their doctor.

Reishi mushroom is known to boost the body’s immune system and helps in the functioning of liver as well as in circulation. It is used in the traditional Chinese medicine to treat liver diseases, asthma, hypertension, insomnia, arthritis, etc.

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Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is useful in treating chronic hepatitis. It is mostly used in the treatment of liver problems and gall bladder stones.It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant herb that also stimulates the growth of liver cells.

Black Seed Oil

A home remedy for the treatment of hepatitis could be the use of black cumin oil. It is a remedy for many ailments. Black seed oil also boosts up the immune system.


Usually hepatitis occurs in mild forms and is cured naturally if the body’s immune system is active. Besides the medicinal and herbal treatments for hepatitis, self-care at home also aids in restoring the health of an affected individual. Self-care regarding hepatitis treatment involves rest, nutritional diet intake and intake of plenty of fluids such as lemon juice, grape juice and tomato juice which are considered to be quite beneficial to the liver.

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Treatments For Hepatitis

Treatments For Hepatitis

Hepatitis is the condition which refers to the inflammation of liver. Liver has quite many vital functions and any damage to liver can be harmful for the overa





Treatments For Hepatitis
Treatments For Hepatitis

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