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The masks are essential products for the hair care. They are as important as the champagnes and conditioners, and even more, as they stay longer on the scalp, are more intense and penetrate the inside of the capillary fibers.

Like most of these hair treatments, the masks come in a wide variety of formats and styles. Its formulas depend on the desired effect. They can hydrate, exfoliate, revitalize or protect. In addition, they adapt to the type of hair: smooth, curly, with volume, without volume, sensitive, fat or cracked.

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Moisturizing hair masks

The main function of this product is to soften and hydrate. Prevents the hair from drying, something usual considering the large amount of elements to which we expose our melena, such as moisture, ironing tools and even shampoo and conditioners with aggressive formulas.


Types of masks for hair 1

It's the mask. ideal for curly hair, dyed and fatty that tend to grow up and lose fluid. It also works wonderfully in the summer season, when the temperatures rise and the melena suffers the ravages of heat.

Most hydrating masks for the hair are composed of liquid-rich ingredients such as oils, apple extracts, wheat proteins and keratin. It is recommended to use during washing using warm water to remove.

Exfoliating hair masks

Exfoliar is a technique used to remove dead cells that accumulate in the skin. Hairs tend to retain cells and impurities by interceding in hair beauty. Exfoliating masks are the solution to scalp residues, accumulated fat and dirt.

What do these products do? Generally, oxygenate, clean the signs and accumulation of impurities, control the levels of fat and blood circulation.

Among the ingredients we find natural products characterized by its exfoliating effect, such as olive oil, coconut oil, salt and lemon.

This treatment must always be accompanied by a hair massage to free the piloss follicles, but we must control the frequency, since it is not good to surpass us.

Reparative hair mask

Our daily melena is exposed to numerous factors that cause damage to composition and aesthetics. We already mentioned some: aggressive products, drying and ironing tools, high or low temperatures, etc. The more we expose ourselves to these elements, the more hair weakens. Recetas faciles y rápidas

The ideal solution is a revitalizing hair mask designed to seal the breakages of the fiber, hydrate, recover shine, stimulate the growth of new cells and regenerate damaged tissues.

A fashion ingredient in hair-reparating masks is Royal Jalea, a product segregated by white-like bees rich in regenerative properties.

Protective hair masks

In the same line as the previous one, our melena needs a shield to defend it. Conventional treatments such as shampoo and conditioner are not enough, we have to go one step further and those are the protective masks.

The aim of these products is to protect the scalp of plates, dryers and the combination of heat and humidity. It is ideal for thin and fragile hairs.

The star ingredient of these masks is the Keratin, a protein vital to the good appearance of the hair. It fulfills the functions of nourishing, restructuring and repairing the fibers.

Fat hair masks

If there's anything that bothers us when we look in the mirror, it's seeing the greasy hair. Dry tips, dirt distributed by the mattresses and even thickened in certain areas.

Fat, or fat, is the enemy par excellence of hair beauty. It darkens the melena and produces the impurity effect.

The main characteristic of these masks is that they are free of parabens and silicones, elements that promote excess fat on the leather.

In addition to eliminating the sebum, they are also formulas rich in nutrients, regenerators, volume suppliers and deep cleaning.

Hair masks for sauna effect

The hair sauna effect is a new treatment that is becoming very popular in shops and hairdressers. The motives? He is an ally par excellence of hair beauty.

The sauna effect is a technique that produces a localized heat sensation aimed at opening the cuticle and ensuring the absorption of nutrients from other products and masks.

mascarillas para el pelo naturales

For example, it enhances hydration and exfoliation thanks to the fact that the ingredients penetrate to the depths of the scalp.

Types of masks for hair

The masks are essential products for the hair care. They are as important as the champagnes and conditioners, and even more, as they stay longer on the scalp,






Types of masks for hair 1
Types of masks for hair 1
Types of masks for hair 1
Types of masks for hair 1

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