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The Amazon jungle is the largest tropical forestIt is extensive in the world and occupies the entire area.central-eastern area of ​​Américh from the southThisApart from having an extravagant flora and fauna, it has a wide variety of traditional foods.spades.The majoritya of them marked or influenced by aboriginal culture, regardless of the border fence where they are located.


Meals youpicas de la selva

The dishes youThe peaks of this jungle stand out thanks to their diversity of flavors, and for being exoticethical and appetizing.As this territory is so extensive and also beings multi-country borderYou are South Americans, your food isenriched by various ingredients typical of each of these regions and of the indigenous groupsGenas that therethey make life

Typical dishes of the amazon region 1

Colombian sancocho

Typical dishes of the amazon region 2

Pirarucú Ceviche Recipe

Typical dishes of the amazon region 3

Mojojoy Recipe

HereWe leave you a list of the main Dishes or Meals Youpikes of the Regionn Amazonnica

  • Tucupí
  • Fariña
  • Piranto
  • Pirarucú
  • Tapioca
  • Casabe
  • Chicharrón of pirarucu
  • Pirarucú ceviche
  • Sancocho de gallina con ajítikuna
  • Plastuffed tanos
  • Piramañwaves
  • Tiradito de Dorado
  • Arazá
  • Here
  • Cupuacu
  • Caimo
  • Bacurí
  • Red Dacca
  • Cocona
  • Grias
  • Lucuma
  • Macambo
  • Aguaje< /li>
  • Carambola orcaranbolo
  • Camu camuCaramuri
  • Camairoma grape

On the Colombian side, fish-based dishes predominate

In the typical dishespeaks of the regionno amazonnica that belongs to Colombia, the extracted ingredients predominatetwo from the rivereither.This thanks to the proximityto del Ríor Amazon.Among these various dishes, the Pirarucú stands out.This meal features the fish of the same name.The way to prepare it is fried, and it is accompaniedto with cassava, platano or limeno.It is loved by both natives and tourists. Todo sobre peces y sus Acuarios, Plantas, Accesorios

Another dish typical of this regionn is the moqueado, which is a fish wrapped in plastic leavestan and cooked in a fire over low heat.Alson the gamitana fish stands out, which is prepared stuffed with a paprika-based stewn, onion, butter, seasoned with a black sauce.The patarasca, a very tidy dishpeak where the fish is grilled and served with cassava or with Tucuí (characteristic soupstica of the jungle amazóunique to Colombia).


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Andina

In additions of food derived from fishing, in the jungle AmazonOnly Colombian, you can enjoy other dishes that are identified with the culture of that land.Well, the ingredients taken for its preparationn are grown therethemselves and the meall employees for its preparationn arises from the Colombian aboriginal culture.

Some of them are purtumute, which is a stew made from black and white beans.The humitas, a mass of cornz stuffed with cheese, meat and seasonings, and cooked in a bathor Marito or steam;and the inchicapi, which consists of a chicken soup accompaniedado with rice or cassava.We cannot leave out on this list the exó dishtico mojojoy or chiza, which are larvae that are eaten raw, roasted or fried.

Exó Fruitstics of the Amazon

The Amazon in its great extensionn and variety of climates toon has an innumerable amount of delicious fruits from which very rich, nutritious and even medicinal juices are born.We will mention some of the fruits from this regionn colombianThe acai, the araza, the lucuma, the caranbolo, the cravuri…

Typical dishes of the Amazon Region

Meals youpicas de la selvaHereWe leave you a list of the main Dishes or Meals Youpikes of the Regionn AmazonnicaOn the Colombian side, fish-based dishes predom






Typical dishes of the amazon region 1
Typical dishes of the amazon region 1
Typical dishes of the amazon region 1
Typical dishes of the amazon region 1
Typical dishes of the amazon region 1
Typical dishes of the amazon region 1

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