Typical Dishes of the Orinoquia Region





For those who plan to go on vacation, and enjoy the best of gastronomyColombian, nothing better than visiting the regionn Orinoquia, which is located in paradisehere river basino Orinoco, comprised by the department of Arauca, Casanare, Meta and Vichada just with the límyths of Venezuela.

Thatwill findit's here?

Enjoy the Best Recipes of Your Mealspikes of the Regionn Orinoquia

Herewill finds delicious recipes so you can cook magnificentficos gastronomy dishesto the Orinoco.


Región Orinoquia: 100% Llano Flavor Products

The typical dishespeaks of this regionn are characterized by their llanero flavor, the ingredients of each of the typical dishespeaks of this culture come mostlyto their lands faithuseful.It is for this reasonn that the protagonists gastronótypical of this area are the llaneras soups, but without forgetting a delicious range of main dishes, tasty desserts and refreshing drinks.

Food youpica from the Eastern Plains

ContinuedWe leave you a list of the dishes youpeaks mores tasted from the regionn from Orinoquia:

Arroz Llanero

If your tastes lean towards rice, then this rice is for you.This dish is obviously made up of rice but marinated with beef tail, which is friedand with lard.

The rice is cooked in the broth where the tail is boiled.As a result we have one of the dishes youfavorite picos with a very intense flavor and an extra moist texturemeda.

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1

Clear Broth

When you try this broth it will leave youwanting mores.The main ingredient to flavor this dish is lean beef seasoned with onion and salt to taste.

Cuchas Broth

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 2

Lovers of Aphrodisian soupsHere, they cannot stop tasting this fish broth.

For this, the spoons are prepared in water, onions and salt are added to taste, when it is going to be served on the table, a colorful coriander hash is placed.

You can't stop trying it!!

HoodAuyama n de Auyama

This delicious dish is eaten in a large auyama, from which the top is cut off.After cleaning the seeds, it is filled with: dried meat, shrimp, chicken or beef loin, to this filling is added milk cream, aromatic herbs.tics and cheeseonce you areeverything ready goes into the oven.The result: an exótico and exceptional tico dishpeak you won't forgets nevers.

Chigüiro a la Brasa

The delicious meat of this animal is marinated with salt to taste, however, some people add beer and onion .Once seasoned to taste, it is placed on the grill to roast it.His accompanybefore ideal is the cassava and the platan.This is one of the dishespeaks mores representative of the regionNo. of Orinoquia, since the chigüIro is an animalregion conen llanera.


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Caribbean

Changua Cerrera

This peculiar broth-type soup does not have milk as the main ingredient compared ton to the changua that is served in the interior of the countrys.The delicious changua cerrera comes withada of onion, coriander and whole eggs.

Roasted Cachama a la Llanera

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 3

If fish are your thing, the cachama a la llanera is the mosts representative of the regionn of the Orinoquíto.

The delicious and hearty cachama can be baked, sweated, fried or grilled.However, for this area it is highly requested asada a la llanera.


This traditional dish only requires salt for its seasoningn, to be eaten roasted, it should only be skewered on orange sticks and put over indirect heat, in a stoveno of firewoodto.

Carne a la Perra

He fed hern de Orinoquia presents you the popular carne a la perra, which is characterized by being boneless steer meat, it can be baked or roasted with its own skin.This meat has a preparation timen quite slow but once ready, it's well worth the scrumptious results.

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 4

Beefa la Mamona

Veal a la mamona is the traditional foodpike of the regionnoorinoquiaccording toin the mosts famous experts.Its name is given by the meat that is used, which corresponds to that of a calf that is stilln is found lactating, or suckling, from the cow.

It is characterized by its emblemsTicos cuts of meat to the llanera, which is only seasoned with salt, then the cuts of meat are skewered on 2-meter sticks vertically and are roasted in a fireno of firewoodto.This mamona meat is accompaniedwith cassava and platan.Carne a la llanera is almost already considered a national dish because práYou can practically get it anywhere in the country.s.

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 5


The entreverado, in simple words, we can describe it as meat to the mamona but vibeef scerasthe preparationn of this plate youbeak is exactly the same, only the hierzo is cut into medium piecesgado, the heartno, the kidneysones, the bofe and the bird.Once the pieces are arranged, they are marinated with salt to taste, then they are strung on small orange sticks.as and they are placed in a fireno of firewooda, in this way they are roasted over a slow heat.

Gumarra Boiled

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 6

This soup alsoIt is known by the name of Sancocho de gallina criolla depresada. Foro de Ciclismo

It'saccompaniedado de papa, cassava, ahuyama, plagreen tanano and garnished with a delicious Cimarró cilantrono.

This plate youpico is baSimply a chicken stew, which provides an indescribable plain flavor.

Palo a Pique

Palo a Pique is a delicious dish characterized bystico of the regionn, is one of the mosts faEasy to prepare, and you can enjoy it at any time.Thiscomposed by fristewed jol with chicharrón and scrambled with rice.

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 7


For those who like to taste dishes that showcase the diversity of colors and flavors, then the pavilionn llanero is a dish that you cannot stop eating.Thismade up of refried beans, white rice, slices of plastictano, shredded meat.Being such an abundant dish, it will surely remainIt's very satisfied.


Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 8

Hayacas (hallacas)

Hayacas or hallacas, both forms arewell written and the flavor, the traditionn and mestica to prepare it, is the same.

This is a typical dish.peak of the Colombian-Venezuelan border, which is prepared with: corn doughz, stew, beef, pork, hen and chicken, olives, grapes and capers.Notes for flute (ES): January 2016

Once this mixture is homogenized, it is wrapped in sheets of platano and steamed.As a result we have one of the dishes with the combinationno more flavorss varied than everyou have eaten


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Island

Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 9

Gastronomyto of the Regionn Orinoquia

Within gastronomyto this beautiful regionn we find a wide variety of flour-based products.

Los Amasijos

The meals youpikes of the regionNo. of Orinoquia, they keep a special place for the dough, these contours are mainly:

  • Rice bread
  • Sago bread
  • Rice tungo
  • Plá tungotano
  • Rice wrap
  • Gacho cake
  • Sago arepa
  • Arepa with rice
  • Arepa with cassava
  • Arepa with plastictano

Of these delicious mixtures we will describe some of them below.n:

Tungo de Plátano

This mess iscomposed of: plastic doughripe tano, cornmealz and lard.These ingredients are mixed and arranged on plastic sheets.tano, forming a figure ass similar to a cone, once the figure isarmed, it goes into the oven.The result: some delicious plastic tungostano, traditional dish of the regionNo. of Orinoquito.

Tungo de Arroz

Although it has the same name as that of plasoo, this presentationn differs mainly by its dough, which is prepared from cooked rice, to this dough peasant cheese, sour milk and butter are added.Once the mixture is homogenized, you put it on plastic sheets.tano, and they are cooked in a batho maríto.The result: a tastingn of flavors uunique in the regionno.

Torta Gacho

This succulent cake is made with cooked rice, plasticripe tano, curd, milk cream, rum, panela and lots of butter.This mixture results in one of the most delicious baked cakes.s delicious that can be eaten in the regionno.


It is known that cassava is a typical dishpre-hispá trajectory peakunique, and therefore very important in gastronomyto the regionn Orinoquito.Casabe is prepared from yuca brava flour, which once pressed to remove the líLiquid and processed to turn it into flour, it becomes a type of cookie that is cooked in a budare.



Cachapa is a delicious mixture that is prepared with a mixture of corn, which, while grilled You can add cheese to taste.

Picadillo Soup

The picadillo soup is a delight that you cans taste when visiting the Arauca.In this soup, the strong ingredient is diced beef cut into cubes, accompanied byada de platanano, cassava and auyama.Before serving, cilantro is placed to give it that llanero touch that gastronomy represents so much.to this area.

Plá soupGreen tano (patacón)

If exó mixes are your thingtics, then the plastic toast soupgreen tano or patacones is just what you are looking for.In this delicious soup the main dish is the beef rib, which is cooked until almost dissolved.It is served in a deep plate so that there is enough space for the platagreen tannos or patacones.Before serving, the traditional cilantro chopped is placed.

Curd Soup

This delicious curd soup is prepared with boiled milk and rice. Once this mixture is compacted, the curd is added crumbled and a touch of salt.This delicious dishbeak will be able tos enjoy as soon as you visit the populationn of San Martín in the Meta.


El Tatuco is one of the gastronomy representationspre-columbian micas máss significant.Your preparationn it is something handmade, since it is necessary to make a hole in the earth where they are wrapped in plastic leaves.tano, different types of meat seasoned to taste, then on the plastic leavesstones taken from the embers of the fire are placedn, which allows cookingn slow with a great result.


Ti Dishespeaks of the Regionn Andina

In festivals of the regionn Orinoquilike the Festival de la Negrera, the Festival de Cuadrillas, the Festival Nacional de la Canción and Joropo International Tournament mays enjoy a without nugroup of dishes yousnacks and typical drinks in companyi of the family

Drinks Youpikes of the regionn Orinoquia: The perfect complement afters of each meal

Within the drinks that we find in the tasty gastronomyto the regionn Orinoquia we can highlight:

  • Chicha de arroz
  • Guarapo de piña
  • Majule
  • Panela water with limen
  • Rice masato
  • Coffeehillman
  • Coffeeguarolo
  • Star fruit juice
  • Green mango juice

Of these delicious drinks we will describe some of them below.n:


This addictive drink is obtained from the plasticso mature once it iscooked, then add water and strain to avoid remains of plastictan.A tasty and traditional Majule is obtained, which is presented as a plastic porridge.ripe tano seasoned with curd.Some people leave it to fermentste prepared to have as a result the famous Chicha de platan.

El Vinete

The processed sap of the rootz of the corozo palm or the royal palm is what in this regionn is known as a vine.This wine goes toleaving with the passing of time.This sweetening and enigmatica drink is the accompanimentperfect before many of the dishes youpeaks of the regionn Orinoquito.

Chicha de Moriche

For those who don't know, moriche is the fruit of the palm that bears the same name.Which once pulped is left soaking for a period of 1 hour to release color and flavor.The next thing is to strain and sweeten with panela from papelón and put in the fridge to cool.

Panela Water with Limón

This drink is known by everyone, but particularly in the regionn Orinoquia, 1 liter of water is sweetened with lemon juicen very coldwith a panel of papern rawThe result: one of the mosts refreshing everIt's known.

About the Regionn Orinoquia:

The regionn Orinoquia has innumerable beauties hidricas, which are the Its topographical grandeurof extensive eastern plains makes it a regionn thriving in terms of livestock activitiesand agricultural developmenttail, which present great advances in the productionn important items such as:


Fruits and Vegetables:

  • PláTano
  • Cassava
  • Cocoa
  • Mango
  • Guava
  • Pear
  • Apple< /li>
  • Sideburn
  • Guanábanana
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Limen Mandarin
  • Limen de castilla
  • Papaya melona
  • Tangerine
  • Pineapplea

Ca Productsrnicos:

  • Beef
  • Chigüiro
  • Rabbit
  • Poultry
  • Cachama

Development of agricultural productshigh quality tails, makes this regionn offer a wide range of typical mealsspades.

Typical Dishes of the Orinoquia Region

For those who plan to go on vacation, and enjoy the best of gastronomyColombian, nothing better than visiting the regionn Orinoquia, which is located in paradi






Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1
Typical dishes of the orinoquia region 1

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