Vivaz launches his ‘Manifesto’ for healthy eating to the health problem of obesity





Bad food is a public health problem of first order, at the height of smoking. Not in vain more than half of the Spanish population is overweight or obesity, and 1 in 3 children and adolescents is in this situation, despite Spain’s reputation as the cradle of the Mediterranean diet

  • Aware of the importance of following healthy habits as a way to prevent diseases, VIVAZ, the S.A. Direct Line Health Insurance brand, is committed to promoting principles for healthy eating.
  • To elaborate this Manifesto, VIVAZ has joined the prestigious nutritionist Juan Reven.
  • VIVAZ's proactive commitments to achieve a healthy diet are based on a truthful and rigorous disclosure, always based on scientific evidence and supported by health professionals, alerting the proliferation of myths, food bules and miracle diets; promoting a food pattern that promotes the consumption of food of plant origin and based on products that are unprocessed or minimally processed.
  • Consummate at least 5 rations of fresh vegetable food, buy more as if it were on the market before the supermarket, forget about “perder kilos” and bet on winning (good) habits and consciously eat the food prepared at home, are some of the basic recommendations to achieve a healthy diet that collects this Manifesto.

Sleep apnea, eating behavior disorders, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, liver or kidney pathologies, diabetes and osteoarthritis are just some of the consequences of overweight and obesity: a silent epidemic in the developed world. Bad food has become a current public health problem that has multiplied by three since 1975. This epidemic is today the main risk factor of the health of the Spaniards, ahead of smoking, and supposes 10% of the country's health spending.


Aware of this problem, Vivazthe S.A. Direct Line Health Insurance brand, has developed and made public ‘ Vivaz Manifesto, for a healthy diet’for which he has joined Juan Reven, one of the most renowned nutritionists in Spain. “Based food is a serious global health problem. More than half of our country's population is overweight or obesity, 1 in 3 in the case of children, so we have wanted engage with our customers and society to spread and act under a series of principles for healthy eating. We believe it is necessary to raise awareness among society about the importance of maintaining healthy eating habits throughout life; to raise awareness of the importance of good food for disease prevention, and to ban myths about food from the rise of miracle diets and food bules,” he said. David Pérez Renovales, Director General de Vivaz.

According to ‘ Vivaz Manifesto, for a healthy diet’among the main obstacles for healthy eating are found:

  1. The cult of weight and concept “dieta”: This tendency in the so-called first world is usually behind not a few eating behavior disorders.
  2. The nutrient-centrist paradigm: can be exercised in two ways. The first, in arguing that a product lacks an ingredient with a bad reputation (sugar, salt, trans fats, palm oil), and the second, by putting in value nutrients or ingredients with a good image among consumers (proteins, vitamins, minerals). It is common for such allegations to be presented in foods of scarce, null or even harmful nutritional profile.
  3. The ultraprocessed: 64% of the best-selling foods in supermarkets are ultra processed, typically high-energy products, unhealthy fats and high in sugar and salt.
  4. The existence of myths and ancestral advice contrary to science: “Foods with ecological seal are, by definition, healthier, safer and environmentally friendly.” “Food supplements are beneficial in our environment.”
  5. Super food supply and demand: you want everything, all year, from all over the world and more and more comfortable.

Stop. Juan Reven, nutritionist and consultant Vivaz in the preparation of this Manifesto, it has been taken into account that “they modifiable risk factorsLike a inadequate food, the lack of physical activity and smoking, They are commonly associated with non-communicable diseases (NS), which currently cause 70 per cent of deaths worldwide.” Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz


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  • No. put the accent in isolated nutrients, but food.
  • Do not express dietary recommendations according to calories, grams or recommended rations, but based on the nutritional quality and relative importance of each food group.
  • Do not appeal to weight and aesthetics as engines of dietary changes.
  • Do not boost diets.
  • Avoid recommendations and empty content.

Tips for Healthy Food
The Manifesto promoted Vivaz also includes some basic recommendations for healthy eating, including:

  • Include at least 5 vegetable food rations a day (between fruits, vegetables and vegetables).
  • Cook what you eat.
  • Eat consciously.
  • Drink water when thirsty.
  • Run away from the ultraprocessed.
  • Go more to the market and not just to the supermarket.
  • Forget about “food pyramid” and use more current and valid food guides.
  • To aim to win (good) habits and not focus on “losing kilos”.

And what will Vivaz do?
Target Vivaz with this “Manifesto for Healthy Food” is to raise awareness and spread good eating habits among society as one of the pillars for a healthy life. To this end, the Health Insurance brand of the Direct Insurance Line assumes the principles contained in the Manifesto and takes them to practice in all that it does in this field with all its interest groups, mainly employees, customers and society in general.

In order to bring those principles to the whole of citizenship, Vivaz will apply them and disseminate them throughout the content on healthy eating and habit in their channels social networks, his website and his Appsas well as their interventions and collaborations media. The insured Vivaz they can also continue, training programmes provided by the nutritionist Juan Revega, among other actions, and the more than 2,500 employees of the group Direct Insurance Line S.A. already have at their disposal, among other activities, webinars about healthy habits.

Vivaz launches his ‘Manifesto’ for healthy eating to the health problem of obesity

Vivaz launches his ‘Manifesto’ for healthy eating to the health problem of obesity

Bad food is a public health problem of first order, at the height of smoking. Not in vain more than half of the Spanish population is overweight or obesity, an





Vivaz launches his ‘Manifesto’ for healthy eating to the health problem of obesity
Vivaz launches his ‘Manifesto’ for healthy eating to the health problem of obesity

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