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One of the most demanded insurance is health insurance. That allows there to be a lot of offer to choose the one that adapts more to the needs of each person. As in any other hiring, you should know what to take into account when hiring health insurance to make the best decision.

How to choose a good health insurance?
When one of the Economic health insurance of the market, there is access to countless services.

The main one is personalized medical care in private health, hospitalization, medicines, dental insurance, among others.

Depending on the type of insurance to hire, coverage or other coverage will be obtained. Prior to recruitment, with the help of an adviser, the following points should be taken into account:


Compare multiple insurance
The premium is the price to pay annually for receiving all coverages that are reflected in the policy contract.

From one insurer to another there will be a difference in price, but there can also be in their coverage. With which, you need to make a comparison of insurance. This will know which offers a better price and coverage adapted to what you are looking for. They are always points to consider.

Age of recruitment
Another point to be taken into account is the maximum age of recruitment. Both age and previous pathologies are factors that influence their final price.

Many of the health insurance companies establish the age of 64 as the maximum age. Still, there are some exceptions in which they are admitted until the age of 70, but they are very few.

Previous medical history
A medical history questionnaire will be provided at the time of a budget request. It will be questioned by existing previous pathologies, surgeries that have been performed, chronic diseases, etc.

This information is very useful to determine the type of insurance offer by the insurer. When you suffer from a previous illness, you may either include an overpress or exclude some types of treatments.

Position of the policy
Like most insurance, there are also services that are lacking in health.

The shortfall period is the time required for the client to be discharged in the company before accessing a service.

For example, it is most common to see periods of lack in pregnancies and childbirths where 8 months of pre-deficiency are included.

That is, after 8 months of discharge with the insurer you will have access to that service. But pregnancy is not the only one, it also applies lack in other treatments.

Possible exclusions in the policy
There are some parameters that are understood to be excluded and that are determined in the policy.

This is the case, for example, of alcohol consumption and its consequences. Also the risks that may cause some activity. Películas en excelente calidad Full HD

Each insurer will put its exclusions into the contract.

Time of permanence
Generally, health insurance is annual as all. But there are some, very few, who do not require a period of permanence. That is, to be unsubscribed, we must follow concrete steps.

You have to read the policies and steps to follow so as not to make mistakes and you can cancel the policy when required.

Change to another company
Something similar to the time of permanence happens, the policy change is possible, but following certain steps.

The recommendation is always to do so in time not to run the risk of being without medical coverage. Check with an adviser to carry out this procedure and make the change you need.

Convention through the company
In many companies, such as an extra incentive for workers, special agreements are made.

It is a way of accessing health insurance with a lower premium. Most of the time you can expand coverage and include the employee's direct family.

What are private health insurance?
A private health insurance is a type of contract between the user and the insurer.

For the payment of an annual premium, the user will have access to different healthcare services. These services and types of assistance depend on the coverage that has been contracted.

Of the greatest advantages of having private health insurance is the speed of public health.

Each insurer has its list of clinics, laboratories and professionals. This makes it possible to choose where the user wants to take care of and with which specialist.

What coverage should they have?
The usual insurance coverage is as follows:

  • General medicine: access to general medical professionals in different clinics.

  • Pediatrics: to care for the little ones.

  • Nursing: nursing services in office or at home.

  • Hospitalization: in private clinic according to the conditions of the policy having in most cases, private room.

  • Day hospital: hospitalization in a period less than 24 hours.

  • Emergencies: Emergency services will be available in different clinics with the possibility of home care.

  • Special treatments: depending on the insurer, treatments such as oncology, surgical laser, ventlotherapy, among others will be given access.

  • Other services: Potology, acupuncture, prosthesis, transplants, among others.

  • Dental coverage: many insurances include bucodental coverage as an additional supplement.

  • Final MV Insurance Tips for Hiring Health Insurance
    Counting with an advisor throughout the process is key to not making mistakes in hiring.

    What to take into account when hiring MV health insurance

    What to take into account when hiring MV health insurance

    One of the most demanded insurance is health insurance. That allows there to be a lot of offer to choose the one that adapts more to the needs of each person.






    What to take into account when hiring MV health insurance
    What to take into account when hiring MV health insurance

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