Natural psychofertility explains how to achieve a good immune system





Strengthening defenses is key to having a powerful immune system that protects from viruses and bacteria

This is the fashion question in the time of confinement and coronavirus. Antonia González, an expert in embryologist and immune systems, of Natural Psychofertility, explains: “We are dedicated to improving women’s health from an integral look, and an important part of our work is that women have a perfect immune system, because this system directly affects their hormonal system and their nervous system. This theory is based on PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology, therefore it is not only about treating the immune system, but all that interacts with it,” he explains.


“How can we strengthen our immune system ourselves?” González asked. The recommended would be to ask for professional help from an expert in PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI), in our team we have the help of Elena Pasqués, nurse and PNI. Because it is not about taking vitamins and supplements without ton or are, it should be done a customized plan to know what deficiencies and deficits that person has, and what is his physical and emotional situation, to get a highly effective treatment,” he says.

“That’s why Onêt We have the premise that we are an Atelier of well-being, because we design tailored health programs, carefully studying all aspects of women. From their habits of life, their nutrition, their emotions, their family, their social environment, their clinical history, their physical symptoms, clinical analyses... so that they can offer the perfect outfit,” she says.

At the generic level you can give some guidelines, of course, but always starting from the base that are general

– Vitamin D: This vitamin, which is already proposing to catalog it as a hormone, is very important for the immune system, “since if we have a deficiency of it our defenses are resenting and less effective. It's the so-called sun vitamin. It could be thought that by living in a country with so much sun, the Spaniards should not have deficits, because no, we do, in consultation we see that more than 90% of the women we treat are below the recommended values. So a first step to defend ourselves from this virus is to have good levels of Vitamin D. We should measure it in blood, with an analysis, and then ask for advice from an integrative medicine expert to supplement it to the doses that each one needs. But if we can’t do this, then I recommend that the sun be taken every day, without sun protection, about 20 minutes, trying to expose the maximum amount of skin,” he explains.

– Zinc:“This mineral is another fundamental piece for our immunology, as I explained earlier, we already know that we should measure it in blood, and something very similar happens than with vitamin D, that most of the population has deficits or not optimal levels. And this is because zinc assimilates it from what we eat, and unfortunately, every day our lands have less zinc, so what we grow and put on our plate does not contain much zinc, but neither does the animals that feed on these lands or feeds. How can we help these days improve it? Trying to eat on a daily basis foods that have higher doses, such as pumpkin pipes, clams, oysters, seafood...”, he advises. Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone

- Selenium: another mineral essential to be strong against the virus. In this case it is easier to get some good levels, because there is a food that has a lot of this mineral, the nuts of Brazil, “if we take 2-3 nuts a day we will have our reserves of Selenium in perfect condition,” he recommends.

– Vitamin C: Vitamin that is essential to help the body fight against viruses and bacteria. “And we should not be led by popular beliefs that with an orange juice we have it all solved, because it is not. The amount of vitamin C of a juice is not enough for these cases. We need extra supplementation, always advised by a professional,” she explains.

In addition to having these minerals and vitamins in perfect order, you should not forget other vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B12, B9, B6, A, iron...”That's why I always recommend to personalize, so that we can obtain accurate information for each person,” he explains.

“It has been discovered that our intestine is responsible for having a stronger or depressed immune system, and of course we have to take care of our intestinal wall, certain amino acids and prebiotics and probiotics can help us. There are multiple strains, so it would be advisable for a professional to value, but at a generic level we can resort to foods that help us to the intestinal flora, such as the chucrut, kéfir, kombucha, pickles, cocoa, kimchi, miso... and of course take a lot of vegetables every day, that our dish, 50% always be vegetables, and not abuse meats, because they can create alterations in the intestinal wall.

“The daily physical exercise is another help needed for our defenses, practicing half an hour of exercise a day is necessary for the immune system, yes, but let us not forget that also for the nervous and hormonal system, intimately related to the immune.”

“And finally, what hurts our immune system most is stress and sleeplessness. Chronic stress creates a more depressed immune system, that is, more fragile and easily accessible. Just because we live this special and unexpected situation, we are all more stressed and that generates alterations in the intestinal wall and in our hormones, thus creating a perfect breeding broth for viruses and bacteria to develop to their wide. In these cases I recommend Mindfulness meditation, which is giving us incredible results in our women. And as he said, it's also affecting us to sleep, and if we break our circadian cycle or sleep less than 7-8 hours, we're making our health worse. Summary: good food to dispose of all the nutrients our organism needs, quality rest, exercise and practice some activity that relaxes us. There are no more tricks,” he concludes.

Natural psychofertility explains how to achieve a good immune system

Natural psychofertility explains how to achieve a good immune system

Strengthening defenses is key to having a powerful immune system that protects from viruses and bacteria /COMUNICAE/ /COMUNICAE/





Natural psychofertility explains how to achieve a good immune system
Natural psychofertility explains how to achieve a good immune system

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